Delivery by train

Not everyone likes to send their parcels at the post office – it can take a very long time (from two weeks to a month). In addition to such a long period of time, courier delivery is very expensive. So, if you want to send any parcel to your loved ones as quickly as possible, it is better to use services of train conductors.

How to send parcels via Explorer?

First we need to know the schedule of upcoming trains in the direction you want passing through your city. You can come to the station and see the schedule you can call the Manager or look on the website of the Railways or any other resource that sells train tickets.

After that you need to collect the parcel and packaging so that it can be easy to unzip. The conductor may ask to check the contents of parcels to ensure that nothing illegal there. You also need to invest in a parcel of paper on which is written the contact details of the recipient. It is still possible to describe the conductor of a person in a few words, to better understand who he would give the parcel. In extreme cases, it will be possible to come up with some passphrase (will not be superfluous to record it on the same sheet).

To come to the platform in advance, for example, half an hour before the train's arrival. Then you need to wait when the cars come all passengers, and you can safely go to the conductor, if he's not busy checking tickets. Tell him my request in a nutshell, and, if he agrees to pass the parcel, do not forget to check the price of the service. Write down the name of the conductor and number of the car in which he rides. Will also be good options to take his phone number for communication. All these data, as well as the name of the train, date and time of arrival will need to inform the person for whom the parcel is intended.

If you don't want to entrust your parcel to a stranger, you can contact the head of the station or in the special service center. Since 2009 was legalized the transfer of parcels and packages on the trains. However, this service may not be available at all railway directions. To know how can I send a package this way, in advance of need.

Another option is to pass the parcel from one of the passengers on the train. To find a volunteer as advance, on special sites, and ask one of the passengers.