You will need
  • - things that you want to send; - the money (from 200 to 1,500 rubles depending on the volume and weight of the parcel); - name and full address of transferee (including zip code); pen blue or black in color; - passport.
Go to the nearest branch of Mail of Russia. Time it is advisable to choose up to 18 hours, otherwise you can get stuck in a long queue. Went into the office, look for sending parcels and walk up to him.
How to send a parcel Russian Post
Near point of sending parcels is usually the stand with the boxes. Estimate the volume of your belongings and select a box of appropriate size.
How to send a parcel Russian Post
When it is your turn, ask the employee email to give you the box and the form for sending of the parcel. When sending cash on delivery ask also form cod.

If you will be given a box unassembled, ask her to gather, in order not to waste your time on this useless process. Go to the nearest table, sit back and start filling out paperwork. Here you'll find pre-cooked handle.
How to send a parcel Russian Post
Complete the form to send the parcel (see photo). Pay attention to the following features:

- name and address of the recipient, you need to specify two times;

- the cod amount (if not zero) cannot be less than the amount of the declared value;

at the top the "to" field to specify the middle name is not necessary, and at the bottom it is desirable to specify;

- do not fill the field "Weight" is bound to make the postal worker.
How to send a parcel Russian post
Fill out the form on the box. Here you need to specify the same information as in the form: data about the sender and recipient estimated cost and the amount of cod.
How to send a parcel manual
Fill the form cod (cash on delivery). The main feature is that in the "to" field you specify yourself as a recipient, and your recipient - the sender.

In the upper part of the form, where drawn a lot of horizontal strips, and write the cod amount in words, e.g. "two thousand three hundred seventy rubles 18 kopecks".
How to send a parcel Russian post
Put things in a box and close it. Go to the point of sending parcels and wait your turn. Hand the parcel and documents to the postal worker - he will check the completed forms, weigh the package, they'll tape it with duct tape, buried in their database and tell you the final amount (including the cost of the box). After payment, the postal worker will give you a receipt with a tracking number.
How to send a parcel Russian post