Today to send the telegrams do not need to go to the post office. Only need to call from any phone to a special service at the General phone number customer service 009 and read the text of your message, which is sent in a few minutes. Service 009 maintains continuous reception of telegrams, but the transmission occurs only the daytime.
To send such a telegram it is possible not only with home but with work phone number of the organization, or from a street phone booth or even from your cell phone if it comes to that. The content of the telegram is not restricted: it can be very personal information and business.
There is even the possibility to send the telegram on credit. Subsequent payment message will be included in the total bill for services of telecommunications, which will come in the form of a receipt for payment of your landline phone
So, you can send the following telegrams:
- telegram on the art form with the delivery function;
- telegram on the musical form with the function of delivery;
- telegram with acknowledgment of receipt;
- telegram for delivery at the time specified by the sender.
As already noted, the bill for services rendered transmission of your message or advertisement will come to your address together with a receipt for telecommunication services. One phone call and no problems: no need to stand in line at the post office and manually fill out a form, considering the words.