Announcement of grades for the academic semester (quarter) in the school is the responsibility of the teachers. If for some reason you were not present at the announcement of the estimates, you can ask about them individually. Some teachers allow you to learn level looking magazine academic class, but by the rules they are not obliged to show this document to students. In addition to the teachers themselves view the log can parents of students upon request.
Score for passing the Unified state examination teachers usually post on the information Board in the school as soon as the results become known. Also get information about exam results on the official website of the exam. Go to "University and Colleges" on the home page and choose in the appeared menu "to Check the results of the exam."
In the special form, specify the name of the student, the personal check-in code or the document number (passport). Also, specify the region in which you passed the exam. If the work has already been validated, the screen displays the number assigned for the exam out of 100 points possible. Use the transfer system points in assessment, which is available on the same site. You can also take advantage of the educational portal of your region, if available. Here can also be published the results of passing the final exams, but with the advent of the Russian unified portal of the exam these resources are being progressively abolished.
Graduates who passed the state examinations in their specialties, can read directly after the test. Most often they announce the examination Board immediately after the completion of exam all the students and summarizing the results.