Advice 1: Why do we need exams

Before exams, most students lost appetite, increases anxiety, excitement and fear, there is insomnia and irritability. "Why would anyone need these exams?" - resent the children and their parents, and sometimes teachers themselves. Indeed, the debate about the usefulness of exams then grow and reach the level of officials, then subsiding and only barely audible in the school corridors.
Why do we need exams
Why do we need exams child?The exam helps the student to determine their level of knowledge. This is especially important in cases where knowledge of the subject will be needed not only in school but in University admissions, and later for professional activities.Often in schools-the grammar schools the test score serves as the basis for translation in class of in-depth study of a particular subject.Exam preparation allows students to systematize their knowledge and to identify "white spots". In the process of self-training, the child learns to use the literature to identify the main, to analyze. By the way, preparation of Cribs (that's their training, not the use on the exams) is a very useful way of remembering. Indeed, in the manufacture of the crib start to work different types of memory. In addition, to a small piece of paper fit a maximum of information, you need to do "squeeze", to be able to identify the main.Finally, the exam is a great opportunity to learn how to fight your fears, worries. The sense of self-confidence, ability to overcome yourself is the most important quality for a person. And form can, and must, during his school years. That give parents the exams their child?Obviously, from the results of the exam to parents to judge about the knowledge level of your child. But that's not all. How mom and dad react to the news on the assessment, they can conclude about whether they have the correct upbringing, is not threatened to lose credibility with your children.The exam is always a challenge for a child. The question is, whether the parents pass on to their children this test with dignity, whether they know how to properly configure the child, calmly respond to the result? The reaction of parents to the successes and failures of their child at school – as a litmus test. It allows you to answer an important question: "do I Always are for their children as an example of peace and justice? In any situation, you can count on my support and participation?"For a child it is important to feel that parents take it any. In the case of exams, parents have the opportunity to show their children-judgmental love.Exam for teachersa Good teacher is worried in the exam no less than their students. For him, the exam results is the assessment of its work, the answer to the question: "What am I able to convey to their students? If I taught them everything I know?"If the teacher think that in the classroom nobody knows the subject well, then you need to reconsider your teaching methods and evaluation criteria.

Advice 2 : Why do we need legal education

On the way to becoming a democratic state increases the importance of legal culture. This should improve the mass consciousness, to develop young people's moral and Patriotic qualities.
Why do we need legal education
To realize the benefits of a legal state, it is necessary to conduct systematic education of the individual. Moreover, it is necessary to consider legal education as a global activity state. Such education should help to form in man a positive image in a certain direction. In addition, the value of legal education is to build the right value systems of vital installations to ensure compliance with norms of law and morality. A special role in creating an ideal model of proper human behavior in the society has the education system. In young age, when people absorb information like a sponge, it is important to direct him throughout life's journey. From an early age to lay the foundations for the formation of the person, respect for the law. Of course, many of the moral values incorporated in the human consciousness in its relationship with society. So he understands what is good and what is bad. The role of legal education is to convey to the mind and feelings of a person certain social values, to make their personal beliefs and to turn into a vital guide. In addition, legal education does not only form, but also increases the level of self-awareness, responsibility and civic culture.It is a tool of spiritual education developing personality. With the help of the development of legal and moral values in human consciousness. Develops a strong belief in the justice of the law. One understands that it is necessary to follow the principles of legality and humanism, and the controversy they inevitably entails responsibility.Thus, legal education is forming the culture of human behavior in society, when he is aware of its responsibility and relationship with all its members.

Advice 3 : Why do we need children

Problematic pregnancies, painful births, sleepless nights, problems and garden school – the trouble with kids is really lacking. The question is, why children then? The answer sometimes is not known even by those people who have already become parents.
Why have children
To the question of why in fact want children, honestly and clearly not the answer no parent, not even myself. Child psychologists have carried out a study on the issue, during which revealed some of the typical responses of parents to the question, why do they still need children.

Identified responses only meant one thing: giving birth to a child, the parents pursued personal goals. For example, the grandparents wanted grandchildren, and the young couple decided on the birth of a child. Or a baby born to save a failing marriage. Selfish motives adults, one way or another, affect the future life of the child. Because none of the newborn is not required to implement the expectations and plans of moms and dads. This, at least, unfair.

The child as an opportunity to share the love

Most clients of psychologists receive the same diagnosis: psychological trauma in the family in childhood. All the experts in one voice insists that adult problems stem from a difficult relationship with his parents. The fact that mom and dad see in their own child's future – his status in society, financial situation, Outlook. But parents forget one thing: the baby is not a thing, it is the same person who just needs help to grow up.

Children just need to be able to share the love that overflows from their parents, to talk about the beautiful world in which people live, to share with the kids life. The child should have only to be interested in him, his life, and get joy and pleasure.

Happy children grow up in families where parents are selflessly and joyfully show interest in their babies. The task of moms and dads is to provide their offspring with everything necessary to sustain life in a growing organism, and only. With this approach, the child since childhood, solve the emerging problems on their own, he makes mistakes and makes conclusions from them. This does not mean that the child only need to clothe and feed. It is important to show him the possibility of life, but not to decide for him.

Kids, how fun

From kids a lot of trouble and inconvenience, but only parents know how to have fun without expecting a return on investment. Is a man who loves music, it is waiting for something? A gardener who grows amazing flowers in your garden, don't require rewards? So the parents just see a child's life, introduce him to the world around them and themselves enjoy it.

Advice 4 : Is it true that love is just a chemical reaction

Love people dedicate poems, prose, movies, music. People think that only those who love can be happy. Far from the romance scientists believe that love is a complex chemical reaction taking place inside the human body. The purpose of this reaction is to promote procreation.
The chemistry of love
Eminent American scientist-anthropologist, Dr. Helen Fisher, working on issues of love for thirty years. According to the results of his research, Dr. Fisher publishes his scientific papers. One of these papers describes the nature of love. According to scientist, love is a chemical reaction, which in its development passes through three stages: longing, attraction and application.


It all starts with lust, or that the person encounters an attractive individual of the opposite sex. In the brain triggers the reaction and is allocated a special hormone Hobbies – phenylethylamine. In that case, if your feeling finds a good response, replaced by an even stronger hormone: dopamine is the source of dreams, euphoric, insane acts.

Under the influence of dopamine the person feels a great surge of energy. Hormone stimulates, makes the experience very strong, crushing emotions. Power of dopamine can be compared to a strong drug. People experience great shock, which sometimes has an impact on all subsequent life. A particular danger brings dopamine in the case of unrequited love.


The transition from romantic love to physical intimacy is characterized by the release of another hormone – oxytocin. The effects of oxytocin a person experiences very strong emotions. Touching the body of a loved one makes the lover crazy and makes you forget about everything.

Development of oxytocin gradually increases. In addition to this hormone, the body begins to produce endorphins – the strongest painkillers, which can be compared with the action of morphine. The person experiences peace with the one you love. From the point of view of psychology, the period of allocation endorphin is the peak of human love.


To the level of endorphins in the blood are lowered, the body uses the molecule "REA". The action of this molecule is manifested in the need to see, hear partner, to touch him. During this period, the lovers literally can not move away from each other and are very hard to survive forced separation.

This molecule is short – within 2 to 4 years. At the end of this period the production of endorphins stops and love is. The birth of a child extends this process up to 7 – 10 years. Such a time limit put human love nature. Unfortunately, most divorcing families on this frontier.

If love was only a chemical reaction, then no couple would have crossed in their relationship seven years of hell. People who bring their relationship spirituality, have all chances to advance to the stage of Mature love. Feelings such as the proximity of interests, mutual understanding, willingness to sacrifice cannot be explained by the allocation of any substances in the body. Apparently, love is not just physical, and this feeling goes far beyond the necessity of procreation. Love is given to man in order to be purified, to become better, kinder, learning to live not only for themselves but for others.
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