Why do we need exams child?The exam helps the student to determine their level of knowledge. This is especially important in cases where knowledge of the subject will be needed not only in school but in University admissions, and later for professional activities.Often in schools-the grammar schools the test score serves as the basis for translation in class of in-depth study of a particular subject.Exam preparation allows students to systematize their knowledge and to identify "white spots". In the process of self-training, the child learns to use the literature to identify the main, to analyze. By the way, preparation of Cribs (that's their training, not the use on the exams) is a very useful way of remembering. Indeed, in the manufacture of the crib start to work different types of memory. In addition, to a small piece of paper fit a maximum of information, you need to do "squeeze", to be able to identify the main.Finally, the exam is a great opportunity to learn how to fight your fears, worries. The sense of self-confidence, ability to overcome yourself is the most important quality for a person. And form can, and must, during his school years. That give parents the exams their child?Obviously, from the results of the exam to parents to judge about the knowledge level of your child. But that's not all. How mom and dad react to the news on the assessment, they can conclude about whether they have the correct upbringing, is not threatened to lose credibility with your children.The exam is always a challenge for a child. The question is, whether the parents pass on to their children this test with dignity, whether they know how to properly configure the child, calmly respond to the result? The reaction of parents to the successes and failures of their child at school – as a litmus test. It allows you to answer an important question: "do I Always are for their children as an example of peace and justice? In any situation, you can count on my support and participation?"For a child it is important to feel that parents take it any. In the case of exams, parents have the opportunity to show their children-judgmental love.Exam for teachersa Good teacher is worried in the exam no less than their students. For him, the exam results is the assessment of its work, the answer to the question: "What am I able to convey to their students? If I taught them everything I know?"If the teacher think that in the classroom nobody knows the subject well, then you need to reconsider your teaching methods and evaluation criteria.