You will need
  • application evaluations with certificate or diploma;
  • calculator.
Find a complete list of their ratings. They can be specified in the Annex to the diploma school. For high school GPA can be calculated by the gradebook or to insert in the diploma. Also suitable academic reference from the transcript.
Count the number of items for which it was estimated. However, using the grade book has its own specifics. If you want to know the future average grade, calculate the number of subjects that will go on the diploma and final assessment for them. If in the first semester you got 4, and the second and the last for this object is 5, final need to count five. Also, if the internship was also assessed on a scale, then you need to consider as a separate discipline.
Add all the final grades for selected subjects. Then the resulting figure is divided by the number of items. Thus,you will receive the average score of your diploma and certificate. The data obtained are used in the certificate of education with honors, and can also be taken into consideration when enrolling a student in high school that if two applicants with the same scores obtained in the entrance test, there is one place on the course.