Understand that during the counting of points for correctly completed tasks, you are not dealing with the points that you entered in the certificate of the results of the exam and the primary.
They are counted for each subject in different ways. For example, in the Russian language exposed by one point for each correctly completed task in part A, where of the four possible options you have to choose one. In this part of thirty jobs. This way you will be able to get thirty raw score for part A.
Next to the primary score add scores for part b, where the tasks from the first to the seventh you will receive one point. But for correctly completed task B8 you can be added to the primary score from one to four. It all depends on how many correct artistic and expressive means in the text you could identify. But keep in mind that in this part you will need to themselves to formulate the correct answer. Only part you can get eleven primary points.
But for the part With you can earn from twenty-three points, which are set for the content and literacy in the writing-argument, which you write.
Thus, the maximum raw score on the exam on the Russian language equal to sixty four.
You may ask: "But where, then, do those who gets one hundred points on the exam?" But it was about sixty-four primary points that are the result of complex mathematical calculations will translate at the one-hundred units scale scale to test score. These points are considered the results of the exam required for admission to higher education.
These calculations are very complex. We need only say that the methodology of scaling is "polytomous Rasch model".
Each year, the Commission on scaling calculates the minimum or, as some say, a passing score on the training subject. And every year it's different. It all depends on the General level of results of the exam. For example, in the Russian language in 2010, the passing threshold was 37 points. And in 2011 36.
Translation of the primary score in your test also each year is different. So, in 2007 for 50 raw score you can get 69 test. In 2011 as well. It was a good score. But in 2009, 39 points was the minimum threshold, i.e., very low result.
Keep in mind that the scores obtained on the exam in the rating is not transferred. In the certificate you will put in the description that you have learned the high school course.