When using old way of placing a quarter assessment, the teacher summarized all the acquired points, and calculated the arithmetic mean. This method of interim certification was imperfect, as if counting were not considered, what exactly the child received a particular rating.
Meanwhile, it is obvious that greater importance points earned for the test or quiz. Grades for class work and answers at the Board are treated as less important. The results of the homework and does have a small weight, because in their performance the child has the opportunity to use additional materials and the help of others, he is not limited in time, and because the assessment of homework is quite subjective.
If quarter child had at least one unsatisfactory rating in subject matter, then certification cannot be issued the highest score. But to this rule there can be exceptions. If the final test was job a subject that the child has previously had an unsatisfactory result, but the work is done remotely, at the discretion of the teacher quarter's estimate can also be excellent.
Summarize all evaluationreceived for homework and calculate the overall result. In the same way, calculate the average score for classwork. If the results of classroom and home work are the same, we can assume that this is an objective assessment of the student's knowledge. If the score per classroom is higher or lower than Pets, should consider it a priority.
Please rate the overall result of the audit work. If it matches the rating for home and classroom work should be considered its quarter result. If the points treated above or below, should analyze the results and try to understand why. If validation of tasks performed poorly because of the slowness or inaccuracy of the student, but objectively his knowledge of the above obtained result, it is possible to put a higher score.