Advice 1: How to calculate the quality of knowledge

Training - educational process oriented on the result. What is the result of education? The arrival of graduates in higher educational institutions, victories and winning students in the contests and competitions of various kinds - these and similar results are visible to all stakeholders. But there are other results which observe and adjust teachers and administration of schools is the attendance of the lessons progress, the quality of students ' knowledge. Intermediate analyzing these results, teachers can adjust visual and obvious achievements of students.
How to calculate the quality of knowledge
To calculate the quality of knowledge, you need to have already exposed for any period of marks in a subject, whether it is test or quadruple the level of an entire classroom group. If the performance is the interest, the picture positive marks (i.e., no deuces), the quality of the knowledge is the number percentage of fours and fives in the class for a certain training period. So, in order to calculate the quality of knowledge count how many fives and fours earned students in the class on this subject during the reporting period. Summarize the four fives in a single result.
Next, find the percentage of quality of knowledge from the General picture of the class on the subject. To do this, make the proportion: the total number of marks is 100 percent, the total number of fives and fours – "x" percent. Solve this proportion, as an ordinary mathematical crosswise: "x" % is equal to the total number of fives and fours multiplied by one hundred percent and divided by the total number of marks. The resulting number is the percentage the picture of quality of knowledge on the subject.
To determine the percentage grade on the subject follow the same steps. With only positive marks. Make the proportion. Solve it and get the review and grade. Sometimes progress is called the level of training of students in the class on any subject.
You can't count as knowledge or performance, if still unknown (for a variety of reasons) the level of at least one student. This result would not be true for a class, the resulting percentage will be higher.
Useful advice
When calculating the percentage of quality of knowledge failed an integer, then the result is rounded according to mathematical laws.

The quality of knowledge can be shown as percentage and number of students. In the latter case, it is enough to sum the number of fives and fours.

Advice 2 : How to calculate grades

Teachers do not only conduct lessons and extra-curricular activities, parent meetings and seminars, check notebooks and diaries, but also prepare reports, calculate the percentage of quality of knowledge and level of proficiency. How can one calculate performance?
How to calculate grades
With the calculation of the academic performance of teachers dealing with the analysis carried out control work or at the end of the quarter, year. And the class teacher calculates grades of the class as a whole, for all academic disciplines. Also, the teacher needs to follow the dynamics of performance. The class teacher, in order to calculate the performance of each student, it is necessary to add up the total of "4" and "5" in all academic disciplines and divided by the number of these items.
If you need to calculate achievement by subject, then put the number of students who received "4" and "5" on this subject and divide by the total number of children who graduated without the "twos".
If the teacher wants to use information technology, which is very convenient, you should pay attention to the use of autonomy. You need to create a table with grades for students, calculates the average score for each subject:- in column A enter the data (name, surname) of children enrolled in your class. Take cell A1 for a title, and click with the left mouse button on the cell. Enter last Name in cell A2, A3 etc. Enter the following data students;
- in row 1 columns B, C, and D enter the name of the academic disciplines. Set assessment;
at the end of the table fill in the row "Average score";
in cell B7 enter using the icon Autosome, the following formula =SUM(B2:B6). Split the number of students in the class;
- calculate the same equation data in cells C7 and D7;
- create a chart of student achievement;
print the average score with the help of pie chart.The chart is good to follow the dynamics of performance.
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