To calculate the quality of knowledge, you need to have already exposed for any period of marks in a subject, whether it is test or quadruple the level of an entire classroom group. If the performance is the interest, the picture positive marks (i.e., no deuces), the quality of the knowledge is the number percentage of fours and fives in the class for a certain training period. So, in order to calculate the quality of knowledge count how many fives and fours earned students in the class on this subject during the reporting period. Summarize the four fives in a single result.
Next, find the percentage of quality of knowledge from the General picture of the class on the subject. To do this, make the proportion: the total number of marks is 100 percent, the total number of fives and fours – "x" percent. Solve this proportion, as an ordinary mathematical crosswise: "x" % is equal to the total number of fives and fours multiplied by one hundred percent and divided by the total number of marks. The resulting number is the percentage the picture of quality of knowledge on the subject.
To determine the percentage grade on the subject follow the same steps. With only positive marks. Make the proportion. Solve it and get the review and grade. Sometimes progress is called the level of training of students in the class on any subject.