With the calculation of the academic performance of teachers dealing with the analysis carried out control work or at the end of the quarter, year. And the class teacher calculates grades of the class as a whole, for all academic disciplines. Also, the teacher needs to follow the dynamics of performance. The class teacher, in order to calculate the performance of each student, it is necessary to add up the total of "4" and "5" in all academic disciplines and divided by the number of these items.
If you need to calculate achievement by subject, then put the number of students who received "4" and "5" on this subject and divide by the total number of children who graduated without the "twos".
If the teacher wants to use information technology, which is very convenient, you should pay attention to the use of autonomy. You need to create a table with grades for students, calculates the average score for each subject:- in column A enter the data (name, surname) of children enrolled in your class. Take cell A1 for a title, and click with the left mouse button on the cell. Enter last Name in cell A2, A3 etc. Enter the following data students;
- in row 1 columns B, C, and D enter the name of the academic disciplines. Set assessment;
at the end of the table fill in the row "Average score";
in cell B7 enter using the icon Autosome, the following formula =SUM(B2:B6). Split the number of students in the class;
- calculate the same equation data in cells C7 and D7;
- create a chart of student achievement;
print the average score with the help of pie chart.The chart is good to follow the dynamics of performance.