Advice 1: How to learn about the results of the exam

The unified state exam for each graduate ends only when it becomes known result - you can breathe easy and start hard to prepare for the next exam.
How to learn about the results of the exam
To know the results of the exam, either in school or on the Internet. Method of informing participants about the results of the exam is chosen by each region independently. Pay attention to the fact that this information is provided free of charge.
Graduates of the school will learn about their results at school. Other participants of the exam can receive the necessary information at the point of examination (PPE) or in the institution where they received a pass on the exam. Also lists of participants with the results of the examination shall be placed on the information stand of the educational institutions, the PES or education authorities.
In all regions of the country created sites which contain information about the results. To find out how many points scored by a graduate, just go to this website, enter the surname, name, patronymic, passport data and get the result.
Each graduate eager to know how many points he scored, but it should be remembered that the results only appear in 3 working days after the service will announce the minimum number of points on the subject and determine the passing score. Compulsory subjects: Russian language and mathematics, the results appear after a maximum of 12 days after the exam. In other subjects the result can be found after 9 days. Those students who pass the examination in additional terms in July, will know your results in 6-8 days after the exam.
To know the exam results only on the official website of exam Other resources offered to obtain this information by sending an sms - only sites-the scammers.
After the examination result is received, each participant must sign and date in the special signature sheet. This is to ensure that the applicant was able within two days after receipt of the results of the appeal.
Useful advice
Don't look for the results of the exam at the informal sites that offer to send sms and receive the code.

Advice 2: How to know the exam results for the passport

Ended one of the exciting moments in lives of students – passing the unified state exam. And now the examinees are eager to know the results of the exam. In some cases this can be done without leaving your computer, knowing your passport details.
to know the results of the exam


Official website, where you can find the results of the exam on your passport

On the Internet there is the official portal of the Unified state exam. This portal allows the student or his parents to understand, passed the test and what the results are.

Unfortunately, not every region of our country decides to publish information about the results of the exam on the specified website. If you are unable to locate your information, you will need to find a site in their region with information about the results. For example, for graduates of the Vladimir region the link to the website where you can learn the results of the exam on your passport are listed below in the Sources section.

What information should be specified in order to find out the results of the exam?

In order to find out the necessary information on the results of the exam on the official site, you must provide the following information:

  • Name;
  • registration code or passport number (is series);
  • the region of your residence, for example, Moscow.

The required information at the regional sites can differ. For example, on the website of Vladimir oblast graduate only have to specify a series, passport number and subject in which passed the exam.

In terms of what you can find out the results of the exam on your passport?

On average, such terms are not less than 9 days for the compulsory subjects – mathematics and Russian language. And for the exams that were chosen by the graduate, the time should be less than about 7 days.

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