Find out the date of announcement of the examination results for your flow. It can tell you at the point of test. If you forgot to ask about this, count it yourself. According to the standards specified on the official website of the exam are to check the forms should take no more than 5 working days. Another 2-3 days is the transfer of results to the education authorities. That is, they will be known in about 9-10 days, taking into account weekends.
If you pass the exam as a final exam, will get the results at his school. They must post a table on the official notice Board. Note that the results may contain information in three types. First will be listed the primary points. They are calculated depending on your executed jobs. Then - test score, i.e. the score for the exam at stoballnoy scale. Namely it is considered for admission to the University and specified in the certificate exam. And your mark in a five-point system. It will be taken into account when setting the final score in the certificate and will affect, for example, the possibility of obtaining gold or silver medal.
Use the Internet. To do this, go to the website of the Department of education in your region. Either directly on this site or on the special portal of information support EGE you will be able to request results. To do this, specify your surname, name and patronymic, and then a series and passport number. On the screen you will see your rating. Note that on the first day of publication of the results of the sites can handle the load and limit the number of queries.
If you have already finished school, you will be able to get in that place, where he passed the exam. Usually it is the universities. Also, these schools place a list of examinees and their scores on their websites.