If you want to get a full report on the expenditure of funds from the mobile phone, you can order detail. Dial on your mobile phone dial *113# and press the call button, send a blank email to the free service number 5039, send a message indicating your e-mail address to the service number 5039.
In the first two cases, the response you will receive an mms message with details of calls and the last email with the call details will be sent to you via e-mail, the address that you indicated in the message.
This service is a once-only, i.e. does not require prior connection. It is available to subscribers of all tariff plans of the mobile operator "MegaFon".
Using "Express detail" to report only for the last 7 days.
The service is "Express detailing" is available without subscription fees. You will need to pay only the queries of detail, which are charged depending on the tariff plan and the region of this service.