Majestic nicknames

Pugs usually buy from breeders. They already have name and pedigree. But sometimes the owner wants to find a nickname that will be invented independently.

Purebred dogs are great Royal names. For example, such names for a pug-a boy like August, Georg Ludwig, Arthur sound great and loud. They can be easily transformed into affectionate names: Jorge, arturchik, wiggy.

Often pugs are called titles. You can meet Duke, Viscount, Earl or Lord walking beside their owner on the street.

The names of Russian tsars and princes are also the basis for the name of the dog. For example, sound very cute name for a dog as Ivan Sheremetev, Fedor Mikhailovich. This is an extraordinary and bright.

Funny nicknames

Pugs are among the most friendly and funny dogs. Therefore the name for a pug can fit his character and habits. For example, to call the little friend, fat kid, Toddler or Baby. It is cute and talks about his miniature size and tendency to be overweight.

One of the trends becoming to name the pug-boy in honor of the pastry. For example, a pug Donut, Pancake or Cake will please owners only one name.

There are cases when the funny dog names are associated with other animals. For example, croche or Piglet.

Nicknames in honor of the heroes

If you are an ardent fan of some movie, can transfer their passion to the nickname pug. For example, rett in honor of the protagonist of "Gone with the wind, or Jack in honor of Jack Sparrow. Impressive sounding nicknames Leo or Brad in honor of the actors Di Caprio and pitt. In the 90-ies of the frequent occurrence were such names as Neo, Morpheus, as the fashion for cyberpunk.

Comic book heroes also become the subject of fashion. So nicknames Kent, Clark, rich is no surprise.

The basis for selection

Important in the choice of a name for a pug to be based on the individual characteristics of the dog. His appearance, character and habits will help you to choose the perfect name.

It is important to consider the hearing characteristics of animals. Sizzling sounds will attract their attention. So if you have chosen a pet for a short nickname with the presence of sonorants sounds, it is better to stretch her hypocoristic suffixes. For example, the nickname Lord easily turned into Lordick that will allow the dog to get used to it faster.

There are cases when the dog does not remember its name. In this case, you can try to rename it, given the importance of hissing sounds.