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If you decide to take the puppy in the kennel, the issue may disappear by itself. Most likely, the passport already will mean a registered name. Even if a purebred dog has been at the hands of nameless, breeders may be asked to come up with a nickname with a certain letter. In this case, the search range is significantly narrowed.
имя йорку
Take advantage of our special sites that lists dog names in alphabetical order. For example, a good database of dog names on the following sites:,
как назвать маленькую собачку мальчика
Keep in mind that a good name for a dog-boy is easy to pronounce, distinctive, sounds clearly, loudly and not too long. It is better to choose an original name, immediately abandoning the "Bobby" and "balls". Please note that dogs are better at remembering nicknames that contain the sound [d], [b], [R], [h], [f], [j]. But the sounds [x], [W], [u] use is undesirable.
как назвать щенка нем овчарки мальчик
Choose a nickname that is not only pleasing to your ear, but is consistent with the nature, breed and the dog's size. Philologists have discovered an interesting pattern: the sounds of language give rise to certain associations. There are "large" and "small", "good" and "evil", "strict" and "soft" sounds. So, calling the dog-boy to a large rock boys Susa, you diminish his dignity. Dogs of large breeds will fit the big names expressing their power. Examples: ILM, Sultan, Rock, Dart, Bars. The consonants here are solid, courageous, and vowels [a], [e], [o] underline the strength of the name. Thinking how to name the puppy, say the names out loud, appreciating their "sound value".
выбрат кличку для собаки
You can choose a name for the dog-boy, based on what country or area has been bred the breed. So, for Central Asian shepherd dog is well suited nickname Abrek and Japanese chin can be called Kadan (companion) or Riki (strength). Use a foreign dictionary in search of a suitable word.
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