Lynx in the wild is closely linked with forest expanses, the trees. Reflect in a name for this cat its wild essence: Lenuska, and the Savage Lynxon, Tag. How this animal came to you? It can also affect the choice of a name: Naida, West of Dara, orphan.
Give lynx sonorous, beautiful name: Valkyrie (Kira), appolinariya (Fields), Georgette, vel'mira. The boy can be called: Puke (Gene), Frodo (Rodya), Rexxar, links.
Time of the year, the month when born an animal, can give an idea for nicknames: Maya, vesnianka, snowflake, Dewdrop, Confetti, Thunder. Kitten-lynx may differ in some traits of character or appearance that may be name: TUBB, Ball, cat, Baby, Baby, Brush, Ponytail, Bestik, Acrobat.
Like all individuals, lynx can be particularly favorite products, without which she cannot live and day. Sometimes it's a very strange and unusual choice for a predator, but as they say, "the taste and color of comrades there." Bar the Bun, Pickle and Toffee, Sausages and Sausage - also suitable for nicknames.
Cats are curious and playful, is a lazy and peaceful, they are aggressive and vindictive. So they should be Markami and Varmints, Sonya and Tiscali, Mean and Briskly.
You may recall literary or cartoon characters and give the lynx the name of one of them. So it will be just another Sherlock, Montmorency, Phantoms, Kasi, Timony and so on.
Name the lynx, based on their Hobbies and preferences. Computer scientists, accountants, athletes and photographers can't do without jargon and in everyday life, therefore, there are names such as Pixel, Klavka, Wordiq, Google, Toeloop, Flip, Bubka. Sports names as it is impossible more by the way you approach the graceful and Jumpy cat.
Sometimes, caressing the animal, you unknowingly can come up with his name: Masyanya, Freckle, Kitten, Rusulka, Donuts, Little, Pussy. Rys is not a simple cat, and the beast with character. Don't forget about it, playing and teasing the animal.