You will need
  • - pig.
If you want a simple and easy to remember name; you can select from the nicknames of the heroes of fairy tales and cartoons. For example: Piglet, NIF-NIF, funtik, NAF-NAF, Nuf-Nuf, etc. For adherents of the original names, this method is not suitable.
How to name a pig
Carefully observe the behavior of your pet. Maybe he has some special traits, unusual for piglets. This can help you come up with the name. For example: mean spirited, Rebellious, Coward, brave, Business, nerd, Quick, Slick, Rat, Rodent, Game, etc.

Selected thus the nickname will reveal the main character trait of the pet and make it an individual personality. If your animal does not possess any outstanding personal or physical qualities, you can try to come up with a name based on its unusual appearance. For example: Fluffy, Patnis, Scout, nosey, Vampire, Snow, Mud, etc.
How to name a pig
Can you call a pet in honor of his favorite foods. For example: Candy, Cookie, whiskers, Pie, Barbeque, Cheesecake, Potatoes, Sausage, etc. Maybe your pet loves to play with any particular toy or object. It can also serve as an idea for an interesting nicknames, for example: Pokemon, Lace, Ball, Wrapper, Boxes, Sneakers, Bun, Bow, and more.
How to name a pig
Ideas for names of Pets a lot. The nickname may come to mind suddenly, when the little pig is playing or just sleeping. Your eyes fall on a very ordinary subject matter, and you will see what a great nickname for the little pigs. Thus are born the names: Sonia, Hryunov, Polasek, Mouse, Sump etc. you Can even call the pet in honor of some celebrity. In any case, the nickname should be short and easy to remember that the pig quickly got used to the name and could come to the call.
How to name a pig