Name for hamster boy can be selected in such a way that it is characterized by its color. For example, a red rodent is perfect nicknames: ginger, Peach, Apricot, Mandarin, honey, Fox. Grey hamster can be called Smokey or grey. White animal can be a white or Snowy, Yogurt or ice Cream, Marshmallows or Angel. And black can give a nickname to black or Blackie.
как назвать хомяка девочку список
Fluffy hamster boy can be called a Fluffy, Soft or Ottoman, Zhorik.
Well-fed pet will fit nicknames: Donut, chubby, Snickers, Cupcake, Sandwich.
половые отличия хомячков
Smart and jaunty hamster can be a fast, Driver, air Con, Diesel, Meteor, Tyson, Sourcecom, Zippy.
фото джунгариков девочек и мальчиков
Hamster boy can be called interesting human name, like Tommy, Athos, Yashka Caches, Shary, Shurik, Garik, Fyodor, Arkady, Boris, Gavrusha, Senka.
как разводить джунгариков
Some owners give their hamsters the names of famous people. Here are some of them: Shakespeare, Churchill, Caesar, Manson, Franklin, Watson, Clinton.
Called hamster boy Duke, Prince, Count, Baron is also very original.
Yes, a lot of different interesting nicknames you can choose for small fluffy puppies: Bytes, zip, Cupcake, Space, Dollar, Marzipan, Lelik, Dale, Bamsi, Cog, Chip, Klepa, Jerry, Boatswain, Glitch, Dominic, Pepper, forelock, Yogurt, Coconut, Knopik, MagwaY, marsik, Pascal, Cursor, Pixel, Dream, Chester, Travis, Hrustik
In General, the future name of the hamster depends entirely on the imagination of his loving master.