Advice 1: How to call hamster boy

Hamsters very cute and funny creatures. Now, many keep them in their homes as Pets. They don't take up much space and do not require particularly careful treatment. In addition, feed can be anything: cereal, vegetables, fruits, seeds. In General, everything that eats the owner. Each hamster like a real home pet should have its own name. For example, to call hamster boy?
The most interesting and unusual nicknames hamsters give children.
Name for hamster boy can be selected in such a way that it is characterized by its color. For example, a red rodent is perfect nicknames: ginger, Peach, Apricot, Mandarin, honey, Fox. Grey hamster can be called Smokey or grey. White animal can be a white or Snowy, Yogurt or ice Cream, Marshmallows or Angel. And black can give a nickname to black or Blackie.
Fluffy hamster boy can be called a Fluffy, Soft or Ottoman, Zhorik.
Well-fed pet will fit nicknames: Donut, chubby, Snickers, Cupcake, Sandwich.
Smart and jaunty hamster can be a fast, Driver, air Con, Diesel, Meteor, Tyson, Sourcecom, Zippy.
Hamster boy can be called interesting human name, like Tommy, Athos, Yashka Caches, Shary, Shurik, Garik, Fyodor, Arkady, Boris, Gavrusha, Senka.
Some owners give their hamsters the names of famous people. Here are some of them: Shakespeare, Churchill, Caesar, Manson, Franklin, Watson, Clinton.
Called hamster boy Duke, Prince, Count, Baron is also very original.
Yes, a lot of different interesting nicknames you can choose for small fluffy puppies: Bytes, zip, Cupcake, Space, Dollar, Marzipan, Lelik, Dale, Bamsi, Cog, Chip, Klepa, Jerry, Boatswain, Glitch, Dominic, Pepper, forelock, Yogurt, Coconut, Knopik, MagwaY, marsik, Pascal, Cursor, Pixel, Dream, Chester, Travis, Hrustik
In General, the future name of the hamster depends entirely on the imagination of his loving master.
Hamster does not need a large area, special care, special food. It is sufficient to allocate a small place for the cage on the table, and feed literally with their own table: fruit, vegetables, porridge, etc. of Course, every hamster, just like a real pet and family member should have their own name. For example, how can you call a boy hamster?
Useful advice
Nicknames hamsters can be so many, so many buyers hamsters is quite difficult is choosing decent names. If You bought a hamster for a child, then instruct him to choose a nickname for your pet alone. You can call rodent as You like, the main thing that the nickname was just to remember. If Your rodent is reddish call it Ginger, but if he likes to sleep (NAP), you can call it, for example, the Sandman or Sonia (for the girls).

Advice 2: What do you call a hamster girl

The child was given a hamster, but to call him "kitty-kitty" as something out of place? You can come up with a funny name pet!
What do you call a hamster girl
You will need
  • imagination, sense of humor
Hamster, especially if it's a girl, it's important to him, that is, it fed a hearty, densely, regularly, the house was clean and warm rug. Therefore, if you do this, the hamster will be happy to respond to any name, even "gibberish". Therefore, the name rather, you must choose what you prefer, the hamster's consent to ask.
Great name "Plush". Just seems plump, chubby animal, looking with shining eyes beady from under Teddy's bangs. If you live sebastasti – feel free to call her Plushes.
For originals you can suggest the name of "Murka". Called hamster standard name of his worst enemy – it is necessary to have a special sense of humor. Although, on the other hand, what is bad for a hamster's name "Murka"? Key words in this question "hamster". Correctly, just for the hamster's nothing bad. Because – simply call.
Gentle teenager (in the sense that the hostess homyachihi) might like the name "bead". How is it good: is suitable for hamsters as a small animal, has a funny diminutive derivatives – Busia, Busko, Busek. Hamster the Busko – sounds like the name of a children's book, a little funny and affectionate.
The name "Maya", by analogy with bee, the heroine of the famous cartoon series, suitable for hamster workaholic who runs in his wheel, not sparing the energy.
"Georgette," if your little girl loves to eat and absolutely not shy of a third chin.
"Sonyushka," if you love best for your pet to burrow into the bedding a little deeper and see there dreams about a trip to cheese country.
The name "Monkey" will do little crafty, which do not feed honey (do not feed you and, in the case of the hamster this is clearly unnecessary), I secretly open the cage door, to run and blend in with the skirting.

In General, the idea is this: observe your pet for a day or two, identify the features of her character, and pick a name that is suitable pet, like anyone else.
If the hamster doesn't respond to the carefully made-up name - don't worry. Maybe he just pretends to ignore you. The name has nothing to do with it.

Advice 3: How to find a hamster in the apartment

Hamsters are very mobile animals. Besides quick-witted. Some very quickly learn to paw open the cage door, or get out of the tank. Find the hamsterand in the apartment will not be difficult, considering some of the features of the behavior of this pet.
How to find a hamster in the apartment
It is important to know that these rodents - the animals night. Day after escaping from prison, your animal is likely to hide somewhere in a secluded corner. But late in the evening or at night he comes out of hiding and start running around the apartment in search of food. So in advance, put somewhere near the house of hamster food and water. Baby necessarily interested in this treat. And most importantly you to seize the moment and catch the animal with a towel or piece of fabric. Immediately transfer it to a cage or aquarium. Gently vipustite hamster from the matter to avoid damage to sensitive paws and nose.
If a hamster did not come out from his hiding place, will have to look for it themselves. It is not very easy, as these rodents are quite compact and can fit in any gap. And love to hide in soft, warm, dark places. So it makes sense to look for the hamster in cabinets, shelves with clothes, near the battery, on the bed under the covers. Hamsters are very quickly climb, and you need to check not only the lower tiers of furniture. They can even climb on the table, clinging paws for the long tablecloth.
How to find <strong>hamster</strong> <b>apartment</b>
Sometimes, hamsters are so cleverly hiding that they cannot be found in the apartment. The reason for the unrest there. Sooner or later you'll catch the animal. And the main thing now that he had access to food and water. So every time before bed, leave on the floor a saucer of clean water, grain, fresh vegetables.
How to find <strong>hamster</strong> <b>apartment</b>
Gradually, the hamster gets used to the owners, becomes a hand, no longer hide. But if you let the animal run around the apartment, it is better not to leave it unattended. He can chew the Wallpaper, furniture and even taste the electric wire. Therefore, it is better to keep a hamster at home in a spacious cage. And in the summer it can make walking outside to where he had a good run.
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