You will need
  • Patience, endurance, kindness.
First and foremost, you need to train a little puppy pug to respond to the nickname, with the command "Fu! and "No!".
Calling the puppy by name, caress him, stroking the back. Can I get a treat: a piece of cheese or dog biscuits. As a rule, the nickname of puppies is characterized by very fast within a few days.
как дрессировать щенка овчарки
Once the puppy going to rest under the table or on the Mat, take it, take the "Place" and after the command put. Cuddle and retry the command. If he wants to escape, hold him, stroke him and when he settles, treat with something tasty, and praise.
как дрессировать нюфаундлер
Team "Fu!".
Served strictly-threatening voice and only in extreme cases where the actions of the dog should be terminated immediately (eating the leftovers on the street, etc.). The sharp tone of your voice should immediately act on the pug. If that happens, come and try the command again, simultaneously shaking it by the scruff.
In all other cases, served prohibiting the command "no!".
как дрессировать щенка немецкой овчарки
You can now work out the team.
The first and most important command "come!". This command is especially important. On the walk, or how far away your puppy in any danger, according to the command "come!" he should immediately get back to you.
For pug , the command "come" should be associated with something pleasant: affection, communication with the owner, feeding or just a treat.
At each feeding you should show the puppy the command "come!". Put before him a bowl of food only when he approached you at your command. When he run to you, Pat and treat the puppy.
These exercises should be done regularly as long as the pug does not learn the command. The command "come!" must be performed unconditionally. Avoid to command when the puppy is busy with something more interesting and may not give you the desired attention.
дрессировка таксы дома
Walking around.
To practice the skill of walking next to you must first teach your puppy to collar and leash. Usually, this easy. First time to wear a collar during playtime when the puppy busy and don't pay attention to him. When he gets used to the collar, fasten the leash.
Walking with a puppy, just hold the leash in your hand and follow him. Then gradually pull on the leash and bring the puppy to her. Gradually decrease the length of the leash to move on to teach the movements around. As soon as he tries to overtake you or go in the other direction, then jerk pull on the leash, putting him in his place. As soon as he learned it, bend and caress him praise.
Daily model the skill for about 5-10 minutes.
дрессировать собак
Stock up on treats — chunks of meat or cheese cut up very finely.
Allow the pug to sniff a treat, then lift it over him so he followed the smell raised his head. Once the pug starts to sit up to lift my head higher, push your hand on his rump. Immediately give a treat and praise: "Good sit!".
After a few exercises match the puppy the command "Sit!", the delicacy and its own position, and will quickly learn to sit on command.
Gradually increase the time the puppy is in the sitting position, i.e. let's treat not when he just sat down, and after a while (within a minute). Thus little by little move away from him.
If he tries to get up and go then give the command "Sit!". Ideally, you should ensure that the dog remains in the sitting position, until you cancel the command.
Put pug dog, hold a treat to his nose, say "Down!".
Lower your hand with the treat at first steeply down to its front paws, and then take her straight forward. Pug reaches for the treat, his front will shift forward and down, and the dog will be forced to lie so as not to fall. If he does it only by half, press lightly on his withers.
As he lay, just treat it cooked delicacy.