Advice 1: How to name the Pinscher

Pinscher is a dog that has, of course, a lot of advantages. They are pretty low maintenance, have good health, beautiful, intelligent, friendly and loyal to their owners. In the group of the breed Pinscher is composed of dogs of different sizes: the miniature the miniature Pinscher, height 25-32cm at the shoulder, the German Pinscher is medium (40-48cm) and the Doberman Pinscher, the growth of which reaches 59-70cm. Dogs have a smooth coat (with the exception of affinPinscher), a strong muscular structure of the body and an alive mind.
How to name the Pinscher
Of course, any decent dog needs an appropriate name. Noble athletically folded Pinscher should not be called trite – Rex or Alma. He needs to pick up the original expressive name, buy dog in nature. By the way, has proven that the name affects the nature and behavior of the dog in the same way as the zodiac sign under which she was born.
To come up with a name for the dog better not in advance, and after meeting with the dog. Perhaps it will come to your mind once you see the puppy. If not, be patient and pick a name, using reference books, found in them the values of nicknames.
You should pay attention to German names for dogs, as the breed is Pinscher was bred in Germany. For example, the average dog is quite suitable name Karl, derived from the ancient Germanic "courageous." Doberman-Pinscher can be called a Oscar - from the ancient Germanic word "spear" is the name for a strong, proud, but loving children dog. Possible names for German Pinscher-girls Adelina (ancient Germanic "noble"), Ulli or Ursula ("little bear"), Victoria etc.
Lately come into fashion Japanese names for dogs. If you are not a supporter of strict separation of nicknames for the rocks, it may look a resounding nickname for a pinch-hitter among the Japanese names. In this case, you sure don't meet the "namesake" of your pet at the nearest dog Park. Suitable Japanese name for Pinschers Aiko (lover or beloved), Akina (spring flower), Kabuto (armor), Mitsu (radiance), ogee (small tree), Takara (treasure), etc.
In addition, there are a great many more beautiful names that could be called Pinscher. Gordon, Jared, Griffin, Mae, Alexandra, Artemis is more suitable for large and medium dogs. For dwarf Pinscher appropriate nicknames Bonita, Babette, Gloria, Rita, Calvin, Micah, the Sheriff. If you want to call a dog a funny name, give her the nickname of Columbia (Columbia-Pincher).
Maybe in a club where you will purchase a puppy, he will have a name that starts with the same letter as the names of his parents, brothers and sisters. Despite the fact that the documents of the dog will mean it, at home you can call your pet as you like.

Advice 2: Died from what Micaiah

Micaiah, or Sergey Krutikov was a popular Russian singer who sang songs in the style of rap, reggae and soul. Also Micah was a co-founder and former member of the band Bad Balance, for which it was in the 1990s, wrote his own music. He subsequently concentrated on his solo project together with a group of "Jumanji", calling it "Micah and Jumanji" and releasing only one solo album "love's a Bitch".
Died from what Micaiah

Biography Of Micah

Sergey Krutikov was born on 11 December 1970 in the Ukrainian Donetsk. His first musical experience he received, finding home accordion on which aspiring musician honed his skills of the future stars. Two years Sergei has studied in music school, however, was disappointed and threw it, enrolling in Russian music school after finishing the eighth grade.

In musical school on the class of the rhythm section Sergey has studied for only two months after enrolling him in metallurgical engineering.

Promaxis in College for four months, Sergey habitually left the walls and went to vocational school to study for an Adjuster of automatic lines with numerical control. While studying in vocational school, he moonlighted as an actor at theatre of a name of Artem, and after graduating from vocational school, went to Leningrad, where he enrolled in the Higher trade Union school of culture. Then Sergei was waiting Leningrad University, from which he finally graduated and finally moved to Moscow.

Career and the death of Micah

After leaving the Bad Balance because of a conflict with Vlad Gross, Micah started to work on his own solo project. A name for your new group - "Jumanji" - he borrowed from the cult adventure film in which the main role was played by his favorite actor Robin Williams. For the position of Director of "Jumanji," Micaiah took a school friend of Alexander, later joined by other friends Micah, who played with him in Bad Balance - the bass player Bruce and choreographer Mona.

As stated by Micah, in music Bad Balance he doesn't really have enough melody to which he always gravitated, despite the love for rap.

The debut album of Micah in the "Jumanji" - "Bitch-love" - was very successful. Songs from it were popular hits and brought Micaiah the status of the best Russian artist of 1999. The group began active tours, Micah has recorded a remake of the song "We are the children of the city" together with its author Sergey Galanin and even thought of going back to Bad Balance. However, in June 2002 with the singer had an accident – he suffered a severe stroke and four months later died.

The talented artist was buried at the cemetery Vagankovsky. For twelve consecutive years, its Director Alexander Ovrutsky holds an annual evening dedicated to the memory of his friend, Micah, who haven't had a chance to show the world all the secret depths of his musical soul.

Advice 3: How to look like pinchers

Pinschers are different: small and large, smooth-haired and quite hairy, black and red, utility, and decorative. However, all representatives of this breed group have common features.
Dwarf or miniature, Pinscher (miniature Pinscher)
According to the classification of the International canine Federation (FCI), Pinscher and enter the second group of breeds of dogs: "Pinscher and Schnauzer, Molossoid and Swiss mountain and cattle dogs". Currently known types of this subgroup:
- Doberman;
German Pinscher;
- miniature Pinscher (also known as the miniature Pinscher or miniature Pinscher;
- Affenpinscher,
- the Austrian Pinscher.
The Doberman Pinscher is the largest of the Pinscher, the height at the withers dogs may reach 72 inches. Ears and tail cropped, but lately, under pressure of animal rights activists, you can meet and "natural" Dobermans. The breed was bred in the German town of Apolda in the late 19th century by Friedrich Louis Dobermann, in honor of which got its name.

As suggested by some modern scholars, in the breeding of a Doberman crossed shorthaired shepherd, Rottweiler, black and podpolye Terriers and smooth-haired German Pinschers, who gave the descendants of their best qualities. Dogs of this breed are easily recognizable: the black - or chocolate-podpolye and lean, they in any weather and look elegant.

Pinschers are active, full of energy, well trained, and enough contact, however, friendly to the children. Have a good sense of smell - that are widely used in police and army in a number of European countries. Previously, these dogs were also widely known as the Doberman Pinscher.
The German Pinscher looks like a Doberman, but smaller - breed dogs that achieve a growth of 45-50 cm. They are endurance and even temperament. In the past they were used by German farmers to protect and the protection of possessions, and was also accompanied by owners during travel. The descendants of the German Pinscher, bred Dobermann, have become in recent years and more popular than their ancestors. As a result, by the middle of last century the breed was almost on the verge of extinction. Only through the efforts of a small group of enthusiasts the breed was saved. Played a major role in this Werner Jung, traveled all over Germany to gather the remaining Pinschers that were once very popular. Currently, the breed is starting to gain popularity.
The Austrian Pinscher was bred in Austria, where it was used extensively as a herding breed. Also, these dogs are well proven, protecting the granaries from rats. In the past there was a separate "Austrian shorthaired Pinscher", but they were United with the Austrian Pinschers, forming one breed. Their external characteristics are very diverse - the dogs were bred to work, not for exhibitions. It is known that they often shed, and their coat can be different shades, including red. White markings permitted.
The miniature Pinscher, also known as dwarf or miniature Pinscher is the smallest of the representatives of this subgroup rocks. These are usually small dogs, up to 25-30 cm tall, brown or black-podpalyj. Looks like a reduced copy of a Doberman or German Pinscher. Dogs are quite energetic and muscular, ears and tails cropped at the request of owners.
Affenpincher small size, however, due to the hard coat visually seem a little more than their dwarf counterparts Pinschers. The name of the breed from the German word Affe which means monkey - like snout dogs do often resembles this animal. Affenpincher, according to some experts, appeared in the 17th century, but then they were much larger. As working dogs, these Pinschers fought with rodents in kitchens, barns and stables. At the present time there are affenpincher different colors: grey, yellow, black, taupe and red, blue, black and podpolye and black with gray (so-called "pepper and salt").
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