Choosing a name for a parrot, try to use hissing the consonants "Zh", "sh", "CH", "Sch". Also well suited for composing the name of the vowels "I" And "E", consonants "R", "K", "P", "D", "G". It is not necessary to abandon the letters "A" and "f".
If compiling the name of the parrot try to avoid whistling consonants – "C", "Z", "C". Also little fit - "M", "N", "L", "O", "U", "u", "e", "I".
Here are some examples of names for parrot boy: Chuck, Chap, chick, Whet, chief, Chip, cheddar, cherry tomatoes, Ched, Cheb, Chucha, Chichi, Shift, Cree-Cree, Ricky, Beef, Farik, Richie, Shrek, Hera, Hercules, Duffy, Curry, GARF, Pasha, Perry, Earl, Grif, Grog, Reggae, etc. Possible hundreds of variations. Do not limit your imagination! Importantly, the name was nice and short so that your parrot, a little practice will surely tell you his name himself.