You can use the experience of many breeders and just to name a pig one of their popular names: Steve, ginger, piggy or Fluff. The names, of course, good, but painfully common. It's much better if you get creative and pick your pet a rare and original name.
For example, you can recall the "overseas roots" of the animal and call the pig kui – under such name it is first mentioned in the writings of European scientists. Also mumps was known as Cory (the word may be of Antillean origin).
The adjective "marine" in the name of the animal gives the idea of the sea named for him. Pirate, Captain, Boatswain, cook – this is not all the similar names that you can think of for a pet.
In addition, to call the animal by features of its appearance and character. For example, if the male has a dark color, it would fit the name or the moor Othello. Red can be called Orange, Freckle, etc. If the animal is quite well-fed, why not give it a name a Sandwich or chop? Active and lively pet can be called Agile or a Sprinter, thoughtful Philosopher, Nietzsche, or Kant.
The name for Guinea pigs can be found in books, computer games, movies – it is possible that your pet is somewhat similar to some of the heroes or you just like a particular character. So you can have Harry, Porthos, Watson and so on.
If you have a hobby or favorite occupation, remember any of a buzzword. You can call the pig, for example, a Bow, or weight. Sounds good, and it is unlikely you will come across a name of someone else.
Another good option is to entrust the choice of name for Guinea pig isa boy child. However it is possible that then, for the sake of children's fantasies, you will have to call animal Dragon, Prince, or even the Tyrannosaurus Rex.