When you bring the little puppy pug in the house, the first ten days, feed it the same food it received from the former owners. Usually, puppies are handed out around the age of 8-9 weeks. If mopsink got ready industrial feed, keep giving it to him, strictly following the recommendations written on the packaging. Introduce new food gradually by adding parts (start 1/5). Completely go to a new diet in five to seven days. At this age the puppy should be fed at least 5 times a day at equal intervals of time. From the age of three translate pug on four meals.
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Do not offer the puppy food from the table if you plan to feed him homemade food, Prepare it separately. Diet little pug should look something like this: first feeding - porridge with meat broth, with vegetables and chopped cooked meat; the second — porridge; third raw meat; fourth — cottage cheese or yogurt. Once a week add in the food of mopsink half boiled egg yolk. Make sure the bowl puppy has always been fresh water.
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Porridge for pug brew from buckwheat groats, a Hercules, oatmeal, rice (rarely, because it contains a lot of carbohydrates). As a rule, a puppy, more like a crumbly mess. Meat diet may consist of beef, mutton, horse meat, Turkey meat, chicken. Meat let the puppy raw (it has more vitamins), or boiled, most importantly, that it was not greasy. Cut it into small pieces, at first, can be crushed to a state meat. Once a week replace meat serving low-fat sea fish (always cooked!).
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Pugs are happy to eat vegetables and fruits. Since the age of three, include in the daily diet of the puppy grated raw carrots, lettuce, cabbage, spinach and other raw vegetables (except potatoes). They can mix in small amounts to meat portions.
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For the prevention of rickets and normal growth of the skeleton, add food puppy mineral supplements. They can be purchased at a pet store. If mopsink trained to eat manufactured food, it is not necessary, since these foods usually contain everything necessary for the development of puppies and minerals.
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As they grow the puppy go to three times a day (7 to 12 months), and by the age of one year – two meals a day, keeping the normal daily diet.
Pugs love to eat and rarely leave food in his bowl, so do not overfeed the puppy. Excessive feeding contributes to obesity of the dog affects their health in General.