The first method is suitable if the recipient of the gift is popular. Bears, hares, cats and other Teddy friends presented him very often. You can call it a toy by the name of the donor. But the process becomes more complicated if different knights names are the same. Use diminutive forms of names. For example, what one bear Alexander, the other (from another cavalier) Sasha, Sasha, etc. it is also possible to combine the nickname Teddy friend the name of the boyfriend – so, animal, donated by Vladislav Petrov may get the name "Clapet", if the landlord, for example, Leonid Axes – "Annals," etc.
Another way to choose a name for bear to find his distinctive features. For example, if the bear eyes like beads, bead name it. If there are a lot of patches – Zaplatkin. Search for cute features in the game and, based on them, use your fantasy.
Do not forget about the popular names of Teddy bears. The Bruins, Teddy, Bear, Umka, Clumsy, Brown – good names for Teddy bears. Perhaps that is not very original.
If you approach the issue with a fair amount of humor, the bear can be called a serious and respectable name – after all it's not a Bunny, not a mouse, and a bear! Emmanuel Ibrahimovic, Athanasius Petrovich, or any other name that you think will suit your bear. Perhaps this will be the name of a famous political figure or a scientist.
Suppose the gift you received at some memorable place. Then the name of the bear can you to remind about it. Peter, Milan, London – the name can be a city where you were presented with (or you bought for yourself) Teddy friend.
Just affectionate nicknames such as Roast, Bagel, Plyushkin is also well suited for your toys. To name just a bear. The main thing that it liked you and was reminded of the pleasant events in your life!