You will need
  • Application for admission of the child, proof of residence (registration) of the child, medical card, passport of the parents (or one parent), questionnaire, insurance policy, certificates, characteristics of kindergarten pictures.
The statement of the child's parents is issued in place of an approved pattern. The application should be made to the Director of the school confirms your intention to give the child training and indicates that you have read the Charter schools and the admission rules of the future child. In addition, it lists the contact details of the parents and their place of work.
Certificate of residence of the child is issued at the place of residence and confirms that the child resides at the specified address. As a rule, for the issuance of these certificates, the city administration or area and apply for it to the passport office. Difficulties may arise only in case if it turns out that the child you are not registered.
A medical card is provided in the form of statements of the form 026/u-2000. It must be stamped by the chief physician of children's clinic (you can obtain it at the clinic at the place of residence or in destkom garden if children are around). Basic information that should be included - vaccinations, tests, chronic diseases and results of clinical examination. In the same map appear restrictions on the child's health associated with low vision, congenital or past diseases, and the results of the examination of the child by doctors of different profiles.
Optional documents include: application form (form issued and filled in by parents at school upon application, issues can be very different and relate both the child and the parents themselves), policy of obligatory medical insurance on the child, a note from a neurologist, was signed by the head feature of the kindergarten (if the child attended), copies of birth certificates and baby pictures. Each school has its own set of additional documents that must be submitted on a first-grader, though the main list is compulsory for all.