You will need
  • the originals of the documents;
  • - photocopies of certain documents;
  • - a statement.
Each school has its own requirements to the list of documents parents must provide to enroll their preschooler in school. But there is a single list of documents that will require everywhere.
At school when applying parent or legal representative of the future student writes an application to the Director. It is necessary to attach an original birth certificate and two photocopies of the passport of the parent, copies of liner on citizenship and medical insurance. Some schools may require a certificate of registration in form No. 9. Also in the package of documents includes the medical card with svezhepoymannyh a medical examination and certificate form No. 63 on vaccinations, but they can be brought later.
School Secretary accepts the application with the required paperwork and issues the coupon. It should include the claim number, the date, the number of the school for communication and a list of the documents submitted. The card must be signed by the Secretary and the stamp of the school.
It should be remembered that the law first in the school accepts preschoolers who live on fixed to her territory. If the school is in another district, need to wait for 1 August. After this date schools take all comers children subject to availability of seats in classes. Priority admission in the desired school of the future first-graders have passed her preparatory schools, and children whose elder brothers or sisters already studying in this school.
In some specialized educational institutions conduct various exams, tests or interviews before entering first grade. By law, the results should not affect enrollment. Such tests help to form classes with a certain bias training. The school, which specializiruetsya in-depth study of languages, may require you to bring a certificate from a speech therapist.
The school refuses to take the child to the first class if there are seats available and the address of the place of residence is not assigned by the institution. Also for refusal to serve age. The future first-grader on September 1 must be exactly 6.5 years. A school teacher recommended to be a psychologist to determine the child's readiness for school.
Submission of documents to schools in many regions of Russia begins on February 1 and goes until August 31. Many schools operates an online enrollment via the Internet.