You will need
  • - Employment history;
  • Computer;
  • - Microsoft Office Excel.
Consider seniority maternity leave up to 1.5 years, the period of service in the RA, the period spent in prison. When a pension is taken into account the time during which the person doing the work to care for a disabled group 1, a relative aged 80 or older, or a disabled child. Keep in mind to confirm the fact that these activities must obtain the relevant documents in the pension Fund at the place of residence.
There is such a thing as continuity of employment. In continuous service, count the period that you spent on finding a new job at dismissal at own will, but only if the break was less than a month. Seniority is retained if you had to quit due to the fact that the spouse was transferred to a new place of service in another locality.
Calculate total work experience by yourself – sometimes it is necessary to obtain the veteran's certificates, sometimes data are provided when making loans. If you have a computer, use Microsoft Office Excel program. Template Excel document consists of many cells. Enter information about the hiring and firing each job in a separate cell.
Create two columns: accepted/dismissed, record the year of the beginning of the working activities within the same cell below the month, still below the number. In the same way we proceed with the dates of dismissal. Repeat column accepted/fired as many times as the relevant entries in your workbook.
How to calculate total work experience
After you finished to type data, locate on the toolbar icon "Ʃ". Click on the first line with figures, scroll to it horizontally, and click on "AutoSum". Repeat with all three lines. Consider the number of months and days. If months greater than twelve to add on to the years, carefully count the days.