Under continuous service is considered to be the length of continuous service in the company. However, sometimes in continuous service may be counted and the periods from previous work. For example, if the hiatus since the dismissal before employment at the new work did not exceed specified time limits.
So, with resignation, the break should not exceed three weeks. However, such eligible employee may only use once a year, so if in 12 months the employee had 2 times to resign, the period of continuous work experience is not counted.
But if the worker has changed for a good reason, he is entitled to expect that the period of preservation of continuous experience increases to one month. It is possible, for example, when you enroll in College or move to another area.
It is also important to note that for certain categories of employees provided the opportunity of a longer break between dismissal and employment.
Thus, persons who worked in the far North and equated territories), resigned at the end of fixed-term employment contract can seek a new employer for two months.
If the employee is forced to look for a new job because of reorganization or liquidation of the organization, his continuity of employment is preserved for three months.
The same term is provided for persons dismissed in connection with discrepancy of a post for health reasons and people with disabilities.
It is important that if a woman has a child under the age of 14 (or a disabled child under 16 years), her experience is not interrupted until the child reaches this age.
If the employee had resigned in connection with the transfer of the spouse to work in another area, then he is not limited in time search of the employer in this case will not affect continuity of service.
In addition, the experience is not interrupted and pensioners, if the past work they have resigned.