Definition of labor experience, and the easiest way to make in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 516 of July 11, 2002 and Federal Law No. 255-FZ of 29 December 2006. The calculation is made on the basis of entries made in the work book of the worker of the employment contract (or copies), other documents that confirm the fact of working in an organization in a certain period of time.
In that case, if the worker, the calculation of the employment experienceand who is made, changed surname, name, patronymic, he needs to provide proof of these actions. This help you can obtain in the organs Recording acts of civil status of the population.
Carefully review all the records in the aforementioned documents provided by the employee. Write down the date of the commencement of employment duties, and the date of their termination, for example, on the basis of the record in work-book dismissal, expiry of employment contract.
In that case, if the employment contract or another document there is no exact date and month of recruitment and dismissal, the effective date should be 1 July. If you specify only the month, in the calculation, use the 15th of this month. Now calculate the number of days in each place of work.
Add the resulting figures of all periods and calculate the total duration of the experienceand the work of the employee in calendar days. Divide the resulting sum by 30. Thus you will receive the number of full months of employment experienceand employee. If you divide the number of years the 360 will get the number of years of work experience.
When calculating seniorityand pension in the experience also included time child care of up to three years, if the child is disabled, then the period is extended to 16 years, and the period of study at an educational institution and other periods defined by law.