In order to calculate the total experience you need to record all dates of admission and dismissal, all records of labour. From each individual record's termination date must subtract the date of admission. And so on all the records. Then all the sums to add up. Get a total work experience of the employee. The General experience is recorded in years, months and days.
When you calculate the total continuous seniority is taken for all records in the workbook. When translating from one enterprise to another, a break should be no more than one calendar month. To do this, the number of employment is taken away, the number leaving the previous place. If the gap between these numbers is not more than one calendar month, then the total period of employment is considered continuous. If the gap is more, the experience is interrupted.
If the employee leaves on their own continuous is common experience, when the following day of employment was no more than three weeks that is not more than 21 calendar days.
Under the new rules when calculating any social benefits considered only the General working experience, i.e. experience across all records in the workbook. And continuous insurance period in the calculation of benefits is not taken into account.