The total experience of the programme need to make all data for all periods at each facility. Will the result of seniorityis calculated in years, months and days.
If you think manually fill in the column all the periods of operation at each plant. For each company in which the employee worked, make separate counts by subtracting from the date of dismissal to the date of employment. The figures will add up. Full year of service is calculated from 12 months, a full month – 30 days.
In documents on payment of social benefits have to pay the exact amount of years, months and days total experience , regardless of it exceeding 8 years or not.
With the experience of 8 years or more of payments on social benefits amount to 100% of average earnings in 24 months, from 5 till 8 years – 80%, up to 5 years – 60%.
The amount of average earnings is calculated from all the obtained means from which are paid insurance premiums. Total amount for 24 months and divide by 730. The resulting figure will be the average daily earnings, based on this amount, calculated benefits, depending on the seniority of the employee.