Length of service for sick pay, you can count on a special computer program making all the data on the periods of operation at each facility. The program displays the exact count of years, months and days of General work experience required in the appropriate column sick list.
When counting manually write down in a column all the periods of work of an employee in every enterprise. Count the time of work on each column separately. To do this, from the date of dismissal need to take an appointment. Fold the obtained results. Years of experience count based on 12 months, the days in the month are taken on the basis of 30. On the certificate you need to specify the work experience in years, months and days, even if it exceeds 8 calendar years when the payment made is 100%.
With the experience of 5 years payment of sick leave is 60% of average earnings in 24 months, from 5 till 8 years – 80%, 8 years – 100%.
Average earnings for payment under the sick leave is calculated by adding all earned amounts that were paid in taxes. Divide this amount must be at 730.