You will need
  • - employment history of the employee or other proof of experience;
  • calculator;
  • calendar;
  • - Federal legislation;
  • - regulations of the regional government.
First, determine the total experience of the employee. It is calculated by counting the periods of operation at each facility. Write down the start and end dates for employment in a particular enterprise. To do this, use the work book of an employee, employment contract, civil-legal agreements, contracts, certificates and other documents, is proof of the seniority of the specialist.
Add up each period of performance of job functions in the companies. To do this, find the number of calendar days the employee's seniority.
Select the years to get the number of calendar days of employment. For the full year, take 360 days. This rule is enshrined in Federal law.
Select months in the total amount of the seniority of the employee. Full month – 30 calendar days.
Calculate the coefficient for the experience. To do this, the value of one year of service (it is established by the regional regulations for each year it is different) multiply by the number of years calculated of service. Note that the employee's seniority pick. For example, the experience of a specialist is 20 years 5 months, when finding the coefficientand length of service take into account 20+5/12. The amount received divide by one hundred percent.
To determine the amount of the pension coefficient for length of service multiplied by average monthly earnings for the calculation period of service. Wages for each month of employment activities must not be below the minimum wage (it is set by the regional government for each year).
In this way the pension is calculated up to 31.12.2001. After the deadline the accumulative system. The employee's seniority should be not less than ten years. And the amount of the pension will depend on the amount of insurance contributions paid by the employer.
The pension increases in the case if the specialist is transferred to the Fund of voluntary insurance the amount of from two to twelve thousand roubles. As the government promises, the rate is doubled.