You will need
  • card of the savings Bank;
  • - envelope with PIN-code;
  • the ATM savings Bank.
To change the PIN code card of Sberbank it is possible only knowing the old one. The fact that it is issued in a sealed envelope to the user and not available to employees of the Bank. The PIN is not stored in the databases of the Bank for security purposes.
To change the PIN code you need to find an ATM savings Bank, which provides this service. Insert the card into the ATM and enter the PIN code. Today in Sberbank the service is free.
Choose the menu item "Information and service", then the option "Change PIN code". In the opened window, enter the new password and then confirm it. Upon successful completion of the operation the screen should appear information about what the PIN code is successfully changed. It will also be written and printed receipt.
If you have lost or forgotten your old PIN code and cannot remember the code word (password) you can restore it will not succeed. The only option for you - an early reissue. Please contact the branch of the savings Bank with the application for reissue of the passport. You will need to pay a fee for card issuance. The same actions need to be taken if you entered a wrong PIN at the ATM three times and your card has been blocked.
A new map will be released within two to three weeks (unless it's a momentary lack of map). In the period of reissue of a you will not be able to pay off the old map in places where you must enter the PIN-code (only where it is not needed e.g. when shopping online). If necessary, you will be able to withdraw money only in the savings Bank Department upon presentation of a passport.
The map will have the same details on it will be all your money, but the PIN is new. Try to remember it, and don't carry a piece of paper with a PIN along with a map and, of course, it is not necessary to claw your PIN on the map.
Without reloading, you can do only if you remember the code word. Please contact the Bank with your passport and call the code word. The PIN code change needs to happen automatically in your presence.