Connection via ATM

To connect to the service using an ATM you will need your Bank card. Almost every customer can make use of the service, however, there are some limitations. So, the service is not available if you are working with a corporate Bank card or use a card issued for a limited purpose in a particular region of the Russian Federation.

Insert the card into the appropriate slot of the ATM and enter the requested pin. If the operation was successful, you will see a menu. Select "Internet service", by clicking on the button next to the device screen or by selecting the appropriate section using the touch screen. Select "Connect Sberbank Online" and click on the "Print ID and password". You can choose your print as one-time password and the withdrawal of reusable combinations of login and password. Once you select the desired item, the data for access to the service will be printed and issued through the appropriate slot of the device.

Registration via mobile phone

When the connected service "Mobile Bank" you can sign up to the service without the use of the ATM. To do this, using your phone, send SMS to number 900. In the message text, enter the query "Password". Wait for receiving a response message with the required login details and a link to complete the registration process. If your number is linked with a few cards, you will need to change the message "Password 1111" instead of "1111" enter the last 4 digits printed on your card "Sberbank".
"Sberbank online" can also be connected in any branch of "Sberbank".


After receiving a username and password to log on, go to the home page by using your browsers installed in the system. In the appropriate boxes, specify the received ID and password to log on. If the data is correct, the service for account management is displayed on the screen and you will be able to manage Bank account and view recent transactions on the card.
You can also manually replace the ID and password via the menu "Personal area".

If you cannot log in, contact the service operator to the customer support toll free number "Sberbank" 8-800-555-5550.