Connect the Mobile Bank can also in several ways: directly in savings Bank branch or using the ATM (terminal).
To get the ID for Sberbank online is possible in two ways: using the ATM or using your cell phone. First consider the case with ATM. First, of course, the card must be inserted into the card reader and enter the pin code. Choose the ATM service section over the Internet. Order a printout of the check for the ID and password. Received the check, you will see all the necessary information: ID (login) and password.
And now information about how to get the ID of the Sberbank online through the service "Mobile Bank". On the room of the savings Bank 900 send a TEXT message with only the word "password" for the numbers of MTS, MegaFon or Beeline, or for all other operators in Russia numbers 8-916-572-39-00; 8-926-200-09-00. If you have not one, but multiple cards, then there are the last four digits of any of them after the space following the word "password". You will receive an SMS response with a constant password.
To get the ID you should call the customer Service of Sberbank by number 8-800-555-5550 or +7-495-500-5550. In this case you will need to provide the operator with control information.