The procedure for creating a new username and password

First you need to pass authorization in the system Sberbank Online. A personal user ID: the login and permanent password, and a list of passwords you can get from an ATM or at the nearest branch of Sberbank. After confirmation of the entry via SMS message (the resulting code should be entered in the appropriate field on the screen will prompt you for username and password change.

Fill in the offered form of the three fields "username", "password", "confirm password". Service Sberbank Online imposes a number of requirements to the newly created credentials which meet the General rules of reliability credentials.

To login:

• you can only use Latin letters and digits, for example, elena17;
• length of the login must be between five characters;
• username should not be more than three identical consecutive characters;
• login case insensitive, you can use both uppercase and lowercase letters.
• a valid login to use the underscore, hyphen, dot and the @ symbol.


• you can only use Latin letters;
• the password must be digits – not less than one;
• password length should be eight characters long.
• the password should not be more than three identical consecutive characters;
• the password is case sensitive;
• not allowed to match a username and password.

The scale underneath the new username and password need to purchase a green, which indicates the maximum reliability of the new data and the security of your accounts when you work in the system Sberbank Online. Next, you need to confirm the data entered using the code sent in the SMS message, and to log into the system under a new username and password.

Automatic password change

The ability to create your own password in the service Sberbank Online is available only once. In the future, if you need change password, this can be done in your account on the "Settings" tab in the "Security" section. A new password will be generated automatically and sent in the SMS message. Create your own login is still available, and is also through "Security"section.