Telephone activation may be performed, if the Bank sends customers a ready-made card in the mail. In this case you need to call the number on the map or pasted on it a label.
When calling from a landline phone that must maintain the function switch to tone dialling (nearly all modern phones with a push button and not rotary dial). To switch from pulse to tone mode and back again usually need to press the *key.
Then follow the instructions of autoinformer. Will have to enter the card number (located on the front side), perhaps also the serial number of your passport.
Some banks offer when activated, to create and to enter the PIN code.
There are banks that use a separate ID when calling on the phone. It is usually called a T-PIN, but it could be otherwise. It will also need to choose and enter when activating the card.
In some banks the card can be activated in the account management system through Internet (Internet banking). To do this, go to the page of Internet banking, enter the username and password that you have provided the operator of the Bank (and some banks you do tie the card to the system and come up with a username and password) and choose the option activate the card. Follow the instructions in the system interface.
To activate using the ATM will need a device that belongs to the Bank that issued the card.
Insert it into the ATM, enter the PIN code, select "Activate card" and follow the instructions on the screen.
If condition of activation is to Deposit money into your account, it can be done in three ways:
1) the cashier of the Bank: come back with the passport card and the amount is not less than the minimum payment (usually equal to the cost of annual servicing of the card) and give it all to the cashier;
2) through ATM with cash-in (cash acceptance): insert card, enter PIN, put the money into the bill acceptor;
3) transfer from another Bank. You can make it yourself from an account at another Bank via its Internet banking or by contacting the operator. The other option is to wait until somebody translates to the card account the money in your favor. For example, the salary, remuneration according to the contract, royalties, etc., this will notify the payer the account number of your card and Bank details, which can be found on his official website.
Account number it is better to copy from Internet banking and account details from Bank's website. This will allow to avoid mistakes.