After receiving the credit card of the savings Bank and accompanying sealed package with a personal identification number called a PIN code, open the envelope. Identification code is needed for operations in terminals and ATMs, and can also be used for payment of goods (services) specialized in trade and service points.
Make sure that on the front side of the credit card correct your personal data (name and surname in Latin transcription). Upon receipt of the card be sure to put on the reverse side your personal signature in a special line designated for signature. The signature must be placed below the magnetic strip. Without this signature, the map can not be considered valid.
Select ATM and insert into a special slot card, magnetic strip located on the right and on the bottom of the card. Then, follow the instructions appearing on the ATM screen. The ATM will prompt you to enter the PIN code and the desired amount in your chosen currency.
When you enter the PIN, be careful not to make mistakes. The fact is that when you enter the wrong code three times in a row, the map will not be maintained on devices that require PIN entry. Operations associated with the input PIN it is possible to make the map not earlier than in two working days.
After performing the above operations do not forget to get the money, card and receipt. Otherwise brought money and credit card will be detained by the ATM.
Keep in mind that to activate the card you must use the function ATM. There is no need to activate, remove the card money, since the removal of even small amounts can lead to substantial Commission. So it's best to just let the ATM team to show you the account balance. As soon as the screen displays the amount, you can assume that the card is activated and ready to use.