If you want to know pin-code of your card, expand the envelope that you were given, along with its receipt, it shows a number consisting of four digits.

If you have forgotten or lost the pin, first and foremost, be sure to report it to the Bank. As the pin was known only to you and to ensure the safety of your funds nowhere else preserved, it will be impossible. In the Bank you will need to first block the card and then write the application for card reissue. After 7-10 days you will receive a new card with a new pin-code, but with the same number.
If you relied on your memory, the Bank did not immediately turned and entered the wrong pin code three times, your card has been blocked, then you need to call the Bank to know the password-the ID and the staff will reset the erroneous attempts of entering the code.
If after unlock you still can't remember your pin and you urgently need money, contact the Bank with your passport. You may conduct operations on cash withdrawals from the card. But keep in mind not all banks and not all types of cards this procedure can be carried out.
If you forgot the pin-code, or block the card, while abroad, to act, will have on the same principle as in our country. Remember, however, that not all banks will agree to such a simplified system, as according to the agreement with the international payment systems Visa and Mastercard, the Bank is obliged to liquidate the card, which was blocked by the ATM. Further actions will be described to you in the Bank.
Currently when you receive a Bank card, many banks offer to change the pin for a small one-time amount of money. If you are not sure that you remember the pin-code, change it to the one that I will never forget.