Card lock - a forced measure and is part of the so-called list of ways to protect card from illegal operations. For example, the Bank sought to block the card in case of loss or if it was stolen. This should help to preserve cash card holder secure and also safe and sound.
How to unblock the card of Sberbank
The card can be blocked in two ways: automatically and independently by the owner. She automatically blocked if the ATM card holder three times entered the wrong pin. No need to worry, because in this case the map automatically rasplachivaetsya, but at midnight. After that it can be shared as usual.
How to unblock the card of Sberbank
If the owner for some reason has blocked the card yourself, then it is better to contact the Bank. There experts will do the unlock. You need to write a statement and recall your secret word, which is indicated in the design documents to the map. Disadvantage of this method is that the application for the renewal of work cards may be sent to "the authorities", i.e. the parent Bank's employees. But in this case, do not despair. After all, money can be withdrawn not only through maps but also in the savings Bank Department, with a passport.
How to unblock the card of Sberbank
The only thing that can complicate life for the client - a large amount of time consumed for recovery card. After all, you need to find a Bank, to wait their turn. But all these inconveniences more than pays for the knowledge that the card lock keep your blood.