If you decided to withdraw money from the card account at the Bank, three times incorrectly entered your PIN, your card will be automatically blocked. Depending on the card, what Bank you use, it can be unlocked through the night (a savings Bank) or only upon your request to the Bank branch.
Banks issuing credit cards only ("Russian standard", etc.) usually offer their customers to use the services of Call center to unlock the card. Answer the operator's questions relating to the numbers of the contract, passport data and code words and unlock the map.
In that case, if you forgot PIN-code of your card, contact immediately the Bank branch with your passport and your copy of the contract (if any). To unlock the card, you will need to call and a code word (usually the mother's maiden name, a nickname, a pet, etc.). To withdraw money via ATM, you can only after your request to change your PIN code (and it will have to change) will be satisfied at the Central office of the credit institution. However, having the passport, you can always remove the desired amount from the account at any branch of the Bank, by contacting the operator.
If you incorrectly entered your PIN, trying to unlock your phone, you will be asked the PUK code you received when purchasing a new SIM card. However, if you do not know and PUK, after ten incorrect attempts of his set, the system will block the SIM card permanently, and you will have to buy a new one.
Call from another number in support of your mobile operator, dictate your phone number and passport details. It is possible that the dispatcher will provide information about the PUK code (unfortunately, this service will be provided by all operators).
Please contact the office of your operator and ask for unlock PIN. Imagine the Manager of your passport and, if available, contract.