Advice 1: How to restore pin code of the Bank card

Despite the fact that the pin Bank card consists of four digits, it is easy to forget or lose. If your card has stored money, and you can't access it because of lost pin code, you need to restore it, but how to do it?
How to restore pin code of the Bank card
You will need
  • passport
  • Bank card
  • phone
Bank map is produced in such a way that the pin is transferred to the owner in a sealed envelope together with the card. But the man is the owner of the card, nobody knows the pin. It is not stored in any of the databases of the Bank and not known to any employee. If you have lost or forgotten the pin code, we first call the customer support service of your Bank. The telephone number on the back of a plastic card, it can also be found on the website of the Bank.
As the pin to anyone except the owner was not known, then you cannot restore it. If he is finally lost, then the map can only re-produce, any other way to restore control over it does not exist. Reissue cards of different banks operate at different times, one Bank will do it does this for hours, another could take a week or even 10 days.
Before deciding to reissue a card, try to remember where you keep the envelope with the pin code, if you did not destroy it upon receipt of the card, as advised to do by all the banks. Many cardholders save paper with a pin and stack up there, where you store all your documents. Try to search pin-envelope it is possible to reissue a card and don't have to.
In that case, if the pin is lost completely, you can not remember it, and the pin-envelope is missing or has been destroyed upon receipt of the card, have it reissued. For this you will need to come to the Bank and write a statement.
After some time the map can be taken away. The Bank can take the Commission for reissue, and can do it for free – depends on the terms of service in each Bank.
If you urgently need money, do not try to pick up a forgotten pin. Several unsuccessful attempts – and the card is blocked and then have the money to take off her becomes impossible. If the pin is lost, but the map is still valid, to obtain funds in the Bank upon presentation of a passport. The card is blocked if an incorrect pin code, you can unlock the Bank branch or over the phone. It depends on the rules of safety adopted in a particular Bank.
Useful advice
If you need to withdraw funds from the card, the pin of which is lost, we need to come to Bank branch, taking with him the identity document, preferably a passport. To withdraw money without a pin code can be only in case, if you have a Maestro card, any operations which are conducted only in the presence of a pin.

Advice 2: How to know the pin code card

The pin is a plastic Bank card is secret information available only to its owner and accesses have no Bank employees or those who made it. In addition, the pin code, if it is to keep in safety is the guarantee of safety of means on the map.
How to know the pin code card
If you want to know pin-code of your card, expand the envelope that you were given, along with its receipt, it shows a number consisting of four digits.

If you have forgotten or lost the pin, first and foremost, be sure to report it to the Bank. As the pin was known only to you and to ensure the safety of your funds nowhere else preserved, it will be impossible. In the Bank you will need to first block the card and then write the application for card reissue. After 7-10 days you will receive a new card with a new pin-code, but with the same number.
If you relied on your memory, the Bank did not immediately turned and entered the wrong pin code three times, your card has been blocked, then you need to call the Bank to know the password-the ID and the staff will reset the erroneous attempts of entering the code.
If after unlock you still can't remember your pin and you urgently need money, contact the Bank with your passport. You may conduct operations on cash withdrawals from the card. But keep in mind not all banks and not all types of cards this procedure can be carried out.
If you forgot the pin-code, or block the card, while abroad, to act, will have on the same principle as in our country. Remember, however, that not all banks will agree to such a simplified system, as according to the agreement with the international payment systems Visa and Mastercard, the Bank is obliged to liquidate the card, which was blocked by the ATM. Further actions will be described to you in the Bank.
Currently when you receive a Bank card, many banks offer to change the pin for a small one-time amount of money. If you are not sure that you remember the pin-code, change it to the one that I will never forget.

Advice 3: How to recover your Bank card

Not worth getting really upset if you discovered the loss of the Bank card, because this situation is fixable. The first thing to do is report the incident to the Bank to block the card, and then take care of its restoration.
How to recover your Bank card
Call the Bank discovered the loss of the Bank card. This must be done as soon as possible to card scammers have used. Phone numbers of help services are usually listed on the ATMs. Calls to the banks in such numbers are accepted around the clock.
Explain the situation to the helpdesk operator and ask to block the card. Write down the name of the employee who took the call and time of call. Such information can be useful in resolving disputes with the Bank. If possible, ask them to submit by Fax a certificate of the fact of going to the Bank. Block map you can also using the Internet.
Contact the Bank branch where issued the card. It is necessary to have a passport. Write a statement in two copies on the loss of your card and its re-issue, having received the required forms from Bank employee. Attach to the application a copy of the police report if the card was stolen from you.
Pay the cost of the new card. Remove the money from the account on the passport, if necessary. Find out the recovery time of plastic card. It can range from ten to fourteen calendar days. Some banks surcharge card can recover in the same day.
Come the appointed day for a new credit card. If the lost card if there, bring it to the Bank.
Referring again to the Bank if it was found that from the account was withdrawn the funds for recovery time cards. Write a statement in the prescribed form about the investigation of this fact. On the basis of the application, the Bank will appoint a special Commission to investigate.
Period of fact-finding can be quite lengthy. If it is proved that the funds on the current account was lost in a theft, the Bank will make a refund. However, you must know that in this case, the missing funds are returned not completely, and in the amount determined by the Commission.

Advice 4: Who is the holder of a credit card

With the development of banks and increasing the number of their services in our lives are new concepts and terms. Many of us just get lost from a stream of incomprehensible words. Such ignorance is unacceptable, if one wants to take a loan to get a mortgage or even to open a salary, a pension account in one of banks.
Who is the holder of a credit card

The situation when a person is "lost" in a conversation with a Bank employee or a prospective employer, unfortunately, not uncommon. It causes psychological trauma, and has even become a source of insecurity at the level of a phobia. Hiring the ignorance of some terms can be interpreted as a sign of lack of the necessary level of employee qualification, etc. When contacting the Bank for opening accounts or obtaining loans, the ignorance of basic terms and concepts, we can say dangerous, because in this case there is a risk to sign a disadvantageous contract, just don't understand what you say. One of these simple yet complex concepts is the holder of a credit card.

Who is it

The card holder or contribution is its direct owner, i.e. the person in whose name a Bank account or card. The holder can be both physical and legal entity, for example, factory, outlet or any Fund, in one word – organization. In that name or brand is documented with all supporting documents, he signed a contract and it becomes the account holder is able to dispose of them and spend transactions in its sole discretion, to manage it. Any assault of other persons on his property is considered a crime and punishable by law. If the cardholder is a natural person, rather just people, its front side will be engraved his name, initials. Some banks have the practice of placing photos on the map.

Rights of the card holder

The owner (holder) of the card or Bank account, as mentioned above, can dispose of means at them as he wishes. When applying to receive this type of service in a financial institution, the customer is entitled to specify all your wishes, for example, the possibility of obtaining additional cards for their relatives (wives, children, parents) with the ability to control the flow of funds to them. If necessary, the user can lock access to the money in the account or to open it, simply calling the operator of the Bank. In his statement to the financial institution must be given full information on transactions in his account.


Obligations of the card holder described in detail in the cooperation agreement, each Bank requires that the customer own. Main – not to put the card in the hands of third parties (outsiders), not to disclose the password for the operations and immediately inform the Bank about the loss or damage the plastic media to protect their savings from theft.

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