Advice 1: How to restore pin code of the Bank card

Despite the fact that the pin Bank card consists of four digits, it is easy to forget or lose. If your card has stored money, and you can't access it because of lost pin code, you need to restore it, but how to do it?
How to restore pin code of the Bank card
You will need
  • passport
  • Bank card
  • phone
Bank map is produced in such a way that the pin is transferred to the owner in a sealed envelope together with the card. But the man is the owner of the card, nobody knows the pin. It is not stored in any of the databases of the Bank and not known to any employee. If you have lost or forgotten the pin code, we first call the customer support service of your Bank. The telephone number on the back of a plastic card, it can also be found on the website of the Bank.
As the pin to anyone except the owner was not known, then you cannot restore it. If he is finally lost, then the map can only re-produce, any other way to restore control over it does not exist. Reissue cards of different banks operate at different times, one Bank will do it does this for hours, another could take a week or even 10 days.
Before deciding to reissue a card, try to remember where you keep the envelope with the pin code, if you did not destroy it upon receipt of the card, as advised to do by all the banks. Many cardholders save paper with a pin and stack up there, where you store all your documents. Try to search pin-envelope it is possible to reissue a card and don't have to.
In that case, if the pin is lost completely, you can not remember it, and the pin-envelope is missing or has been destroyed upon receipt of the card, have it reissued. For this you will need to come to the Bank and write a statement.
After some time the map can be taken away. The Bank can take the Commission for reissue, and can do it for free – depends on the terms of service in each Bank.
If you urgently need money, do not try to pick up a forgotten pin. Several unsuccessful attempts – and the card is blocked and then have the money to take off her becomes impossible. If the pin is lost, but the map is still valid, to obtain funds in the Bank upon presentation of a passport. The card is blocked if an incorrect pin code, you can unlock the Bank branch or over the phone. It depends on the rules of safety adopted in a particular Bank.
Useful advice
If you need to withdraw funds from the card, the pin of which is lost, we need to come to Bank branch, taking with him the identity document, preferably a passport. To withdraw money without a pin code can be only in case, if you have a Maestro card, any operations which are conducted only in the presence of a pin.

Advice 2 : How to recover a forgotten PIN code of the Bank card

When the Bank issues its customer a card, he also gives a secret code which you can use to use the card through the terminal or ATM. The PIN is a combination of four digits. It is important that this code does not fall into the hands of third parties. Therefore, it is recommended to store this information separately from the card in a safe place.
Kak vosstanovit' zabytyj PIN bankovskoj karty

The PIN code of the Bank card you need to remember, because without it will not work to withdraw cash via ATM. In most cases, without knowledge of the code will not be able to pay by card in the store.

What if the owner forgot the PIN and there is no possibility to fill this gap in your memory? In this case, you should contact the Bank branch where the card has been issued, and to write the application to block the card.

There is no other option, because the code was issued to the customer by the employees in the banking system is not recorded anywhere. It exists only in paper form in order to protect the cardholder from fraud.

First, the card is blocked, then the client's request may be reissued. The card number is retained and the new PIN is obtained. It is given, as before, in paper, opaque envelope.

If the card holder will try to recall a forgotten code, it should be remembered that after three wrong combinations are entered, the card is locked by the system. The card can be unblocked, if the call to the service center of the Bank, name and passport data of the code word. But then again, if the PIN is entered incorrectly three times, the lock again automatically.

Advice 3 : As cheaters can read the PIN code of the Bank card in just a few seconds

Modern technologies are not only for the convenience of the average person, they become a dangerous weapon in the hands of frauds and scams. Now with the help of a thermal camera you can easily see the PIN-code of payment card in just a few seconds. The attacker can wait for you everywhere: at the gas station near the payment terminal or in the supermarket.
As cheaters can read the PIN code of the Bank card in just a few seconds

Thermal camera for smartphones can now be purchased everywhere. They are inexpensive, but with their help it became possible to quickly and accurately identify security code credit card. A new method, which began to use the crooks based on the read heat-waves emanating from the fingers at the time of introduction of the PIN.

Before reading this information is a special camera with an infrared range. Now a similar feature is available in almost any modern smartphone.

What is the process

The attacker is close to you in the moment when you pay with a credit card and enter your PIN. He wouldn't look over your shoulder, hoping to see cherished numbers code. It is enough just after you make a payment, take a picture of the payment terminal using a thermal camera. Now he has a PIN, and the numbers that are typed in after this date will be brighter in the image.

How to protect yourself from this type of fraud

Be sure when typing code touch the fingers of the other hand to several adjacent buttons. It will introduce potential burglars into confusion and will not allow to solve the security code of your credit card.

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