You will need
  • the conclusion of doctors - a neurologist, orthopedist, ophthalmologist, internist, otolaryngologist, dentist, gynecologist or urologist, endocrinologist.
Examination in the Junior school for boys and girls the same - it is held by the specialists in public profiles. The schedule of examination is composed of the neurologist, orthopedist, pediatrician (internist), dentist and otolaryngologist - each of the findings required to determine the physical groups, that is, the level of allowable physical activity in physical education classes, and identify other constraints that may prevent the child to do in school on a General basis. Each of the doctors can make a referral for further treatment or examination, if you find signs of any disease.
Starting from the age of 14, examinations for boys and girls start to differ. For girls, invite the gynecologist, whose task is to determine whether the not occur in girls of any inflammatory or congenital disease. Also there are disruptions or delays monthly cycle and issues associated with it - pain menstruation, too long or too short cycles and other such symptoms indicating possible disease or hormonal imbalance.

The doctor performs the initial examination and asks the girls questions about their health. Inspection on the chair, as a rule, is not carried out the medical examinations are traditionally held in the schools themselves, where the chair is simply impossible to bring in for one session. Even if girls are sent to the gynecologist in the clinic, the doctor spends only a quick visual inspection.
For graduates of the medical examination connected with receipt in Institute, therefore, to the usual list of doctors (internist, neurologist, orthopedist, otolaryngologist, dentist, and gynecologist) is added endocrinologist, also have to do chest x-rays. For girls there is an additional breast exam and the list of questions at the reception adds to the question of whether sexual life. Possible and inspection on the chair, but using a special pediatric tools that are made in such a way that can not damage the health of the girls.