You will need
  • - the book "Dr. Feelgood";
  • - children's literature and videos about health and immunity;
  • - game doctor set;
  • - favorite toy of the child.
Make it a rule to attend children's clinics only in good health, and location of the child. Otherwise, the latter will prevail pre-biased or negative attitude. Not naputstvuya child with the words: "there You will love it!". The child will remember these words, and if anything goes contrary to his expectations, he is to blame primarily to you.
Contribute to the formation of the child the right attitude towards their health. Tell us what procedures and actions you can take to feel good every day. Also give examples of how and when you can catch a cold, what happens. Compare the description of the character of healthy and diseased, for example, using a favourite toy of the child-how can you cold bear or a doll.
Arrange a joint reading books about Dr. Dolittle. Consider pictures where the good doctor treats animals, pay attention to the fact that all the characters rush to the doctor for help, they are grateful, as well, there is such a person. Child aged five to seven years to inspire stories about the profession of the doctor about how important this is and how interesting. For the grown-up schoolboy will be a useful reading children's books about the immune system what it is and how to support it. Prepare animated videos that demonstrate good and bad bacteria in the body. Maintain viewing their comments, so that your child is not confused and make the right conclusions.
Give your child a play set doctor. Show how to treat his toy friends. A closer look at tools that you can use to take tests. A syringe, a stick, a shovel for the language of the cones and cotton swabs. Let your child try to take the tests from their "patients" using your advice. If your son or daughter asks you to pass tests, do not give up, but at the same time, avoid unnecessary emotions, be it laughter or fear. Behave calmly, giving thereby an example to the child. Switch roles, offer to do an injection and the baby, during the process explain that in this case it will experience. Tell me honestly that will be a little painful.
Always try to warn the child about the procedures it offers, and which have to go through specialists. This is to ensure that the child accident was not afraid of working medical equipment or the actions of the doctor. Maintain and do not leave the baby alone if possible.
In any case, do not intimidate the child by the tests, namely, the mention of a momentary "pinch", which he will make the doctor, if the kid disobeys you or is naughty. So you make tests to punishment, but this is completely wrong and inappropriate.