If you need to record the child to the pediatrician to start with what kind of specialist you need. For inspection of the baby's pediatrician contact the clinic by place of residence. If you need to get on reception to the narrow expert, you need to make an appointment in one of the hospitals.
In most cases, all narrow experts take directly to the district children's clinic, but sometimes, to visit such doctors will need to enroll in a completely different hospital. For example, a dentist usually only takes a specialized clinic.
If you go to your desired clinic for the first time, you will have to drive to the reception with all necessary documents. The officer will lead on the child health card, but you need to provide the birth certificate of the baby, the policy of obligatory medical insurance.
Bring your passport with residence permit or the document of temporary registration, an absentee ballot. These documents are necessary in order to put your child on the account in a children's polyclinic at the place of actual residence.
If you need to enroll in a medical institution where your child is already registered, please call the front Desk. The number should be written down in advance so you can easily find it. However, the search can be carried out online.
In most modern clinics an appointment to the doctor can be done by a telephone call. Simply contact the registry to schedule a convenient time or in the near future that you will offer.
You can also register your child via the terminal, located in the clinic. To do this, be sure to bring the birth certificate of the baby and health insurance.
Record on reception to the expert you can and through the Internet. To do this, go to the website of the medical institution. In the email window enter the surname, name and patronymic of the child, date of birth, number of medical insurance policy and birth certificates. Then find in the list of doctors of specialist you wish to get, and choose a visit time that suits you.