You will need
  • bouquet;
  • balloons;
  • poster;
  • - food.
Find out in advance if the girls plans for the day. Maybe she's already rented a hall in the restaurant and made up the guest list. In this case, inventing something original, you are left with only the first half of the day. If the girl still has no plans, tell her you would like to organize everything yourself.
Do not leave all congratulations for the evening. The holiday should begin from the morning. Invite a girl in the afternoon on a romantic walk. You may think you know the city, but try to walk on familiar streets with a guided tour. You will learn many interesting facts and will be able to imagine that you are tourists who are in a strange city, where everything is new. Also, instead of the tour you can enjoy a walk in the carriage.
If the birthday of your girl fell on workdays, it should not prevent you to create a festive atmosphere in the morning. Get her flowers directly to the office. To the bouquet, attach a note with declarations of love and wishes.
Having decided to celebrate birthday at home, take care of the festive decoration of the room. The simplest way to decorate the room with balls are well combined with each other flowers. On the wall you can hang a banner reading "happy birthday!". Take care and setting the table lay a beautiful tablecloth, buy napkins with a festive pattern. Such details are important for many girls. If you're not into cooking, but want to surprise your favorite meals they cook, ask a sister or friend to help you just in case you find out the number nearest cooking.
Ordering a table in a cafe or restaurant, the day before the holiday stop by and ask if everything was okay with your order. Ask the chef if he can prepare your chosen meals to make during the holiday everything went exactly as you planned.