If you have a cottage, organize birthday there. This is convenient because guests can stay overnight, which is impossible if you are simply going on a picnic. In the absence of a private country house you can rent a cottage for a few hours or a day. Consider entertainment for the company. If the property has a sauna, warn your friends so they took a bathing suit. You can also organise a barbecue.
Consider and treat. For summer vacation it is best to prepare light meals with seasonal ingredients. In early summer it can be salads with fresh vegetables and greens soup with young sorrel dumplings with early berries. Closer to August begins to keep up with fresh harvest vegetables like eggplant and zucchini. Of them can make a delicious casserole. Birthday cake to buy, but you can do it yourself-based light cakes, whipped cream and fresh fruit. As soft drinks in the summer suit of cold kvass and berry fruit drinks.
Arrange a birthday party in a tourist style. It will be interesting if your guests also like to hike. Arrange camping for a couple of days, for example, on the weekend after your birthday. Bring tents, sleeping bags and food supply - various canned food, cereal, soup concentrate. This birthday will be nice to remember in the cold winter.
If you do not have the ability to leave the city, spend a holiday in one of the cafes or restaurants where there is a summer veranda. Having to rent a hall entirely - if you wish, the staff will arrange a table even for a large company. Moreover, in honor of the birthday of some institutions give gifts - discount on all menu, a bottle of champagne or even a cake.