You will need
  • - woolen yarn;
  • - 5 socks spokes;
  • is a support thread.
Dial on 4 hosiery needles required number of loops (according to the calf circumference). Tie the upper part of the socks elastic band. When it comes to the fabric of the heel, move the loops on one needle and enter the subsidiary thread.
To seal crochet can use a strong cotton thread (No. 20-30) or sewing the elastic material of the Mylar and nylon fibers. The thread for technical purposes, 9 and 12 summations make the heel extremely resistant to wear and tear, but pretty rough. This option is not suitable for children's products, but good for long winter holidays (for example for the clothing of the fisherman).
Attach additional thread to the main, leaving the free end in 2-3 cm At the end of the knitting you've gently will reduce the remaining "tail" in the body of the cloth to the underside of the socks.
Do forward and backward rows front surface until you reach the desired heel height. Finished near the front and start to implement cups.
Divide all the loops of the last row into 3 pieces and thread each group onto a separate needle. Possible "extra detail" is an odd loop is always attached to the Central part of the fabric of the cups.
Start knitting the heel of a sock double thread from the wrong side of the work: loop the left side of the part; the middle of the canvas; the last loop of the center perform wrong with the first loop right side of the bowl. Now knitting should turn.
Continue to perform a double heel from the front row: the edge; the middle part; the last loop is the middle of leaf promazyvaetsya together with the adjacent side of the loop. While vivaselecta one facial for the back thread. The canvas is flipped again, and work is ongoing on the above sample.
When all lateral loops are knit in the heel, will form a tight Cup. Auxiliary cut thread, leaving a loose "tail" (see step # 2). Further, the sock knitting continues only the main yarn.
If the socks with the heel in two threads seem too rough, artisanal, try a different packing method of knitting. After you run the elastic loop heel canvas on one needle and provarite the first purl row.
Proceed in the following sequence: edge loop can be removed as the front; one front; the next loop is transferred onto the working needle nepovezane, while the thread is in a loop. Continue knitting this way until the end of the row, then flip the canvas.
Complete the following number (only inner loop) and continue to work, forming a Cup part (see step # 7). In the front rows repeat step 10 in reverse, proceed as usual. We obtain a dense fabric with a double-knit effect. Ensure that the hinges do not get crossed, then the entire product will look uniform and neat.