You will need
  • - candle key;
  • - a set of tools;
  • - brush for cleaning of candles;
  • - feeler gauge to check clearance.
Make sure that the problem is with the sparkle in the candlelight. To do this, remove the wire from any candle. Set its tip at a distance of 5-6 mm from any unpainted part of the engine (this is ground). When turning the starter between the wire and the weight should slip a powerful bluish spark. This means the problem is with candles. If it is not - the problem is in the electrical equipment of the vehicle.
Disconnect high-voltage wires from spark plugs. A special key (called the candlestick) remove all spark from the cylinder block. Coil them in a row uninsulated wire for the conductive part, which related to the cylinder block. The contact must be tight. The free part of the wire securely on the weight of the car. Can any part of the engine is not covered with paint or anti-corrosion composition. Again, put on the candles high-voltage wires.
Crank the engine with the starter. Normal spark should slip between the electrodes with a constant frequency and amplitude. It should have a purple color to be relatively thick (diameter must be visually comparable to the electrode diameter), clearly snapping at the discharge. This spark needs to be on each candle.
Thin threadlike spark tells about faulty ignition system. Carefully inspect the plugs. The electrodes can be covered with soot, melting or wet (covered with oil or fuel). Soak the plugs in kerosene and remove the carbon brush of copper wire. If the electrodes are damaged, replace the plug.
Special feeler gauge check the gap between the electrodes. It should be 0,8-0,95 mm. If it is more or less, bend the side electrode. Do it with a special key, this will keep the candle safe. Do not attempt to bend the Central electrode it will cause damage to the candles.
Poor spark on all four spark can be caused by a weak battery. Recharge it and check the electrolyte density. Very rarely the lack of spark can be caused by a faulty high voltage ignition coils. To see this, make the spark gap is about 4 mm. If the cranking of starter, a strong spark, replace the coil.